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Dinner with a view in Acapulco

Acapulco seduces your senses with its natural beauty, incredible sunsets and vibrant nightlife as well as a wonderful selection of restaurants that should satisfy food lovers from all over the world.

The port-area cuisine and that of most of the state has been influenced by pre-Hispanic and indigenous cultures as well as the Spanish and the friars who were present during colonization. Traditional meals were created by combining cultural styles, resulting in a wide variety of food for visitors to enjoy, including white or green pozole and more sophisticated international offerings.

Pescado a la Talla

Acapulco also offers a wide selection of exquisite fish and seafood options. In the downtown area, on the beaches and along the coast, you’ll find restaurants that prepare seafood with a style and flavor traditional to the port area, especially the “Vuelve a la vida" seafood cocktail and the famous fish dish “pescado a la talla”.

Many of the best restaurants in Acapulco are located on the hills and cliffs that surround the bay, offering spectacular romantic views to accompany your meal. You’ll also find that there are other enchanting restaurants where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious food at reasonable prices.

White or Green Pozole

White Pozole

An old Mexican tradition from the state of Guerrero is that every Thursday is pozole day, so many restaurants in Acapulco offer this typical Mexican dish with special promotions. White pozole is prepared with chicken or pork, cacahuazintle corn, vegetables and corn chips. Green pozole is a local specialty with added flavor and color created by adding a delicious pumpkin seed sauce and green tomatoes.

Tamales Guerrerenses

TamalesThe delicious tamales guerrerenses have a special flavor that makes for a unique dining experience. They often consist of black mole with pork, chicken or green beans and squash blossoms wrapped in a banana leaf that gives them a more smooth and solid consistency. You can also enjoy bean tamales covered with green pumpkin seed mole or tamales made from fresh pumpkin.

Relleno Guerrerense

Relleno GuerrerenseDon’t miss out on the chance to try this stew, which was first used as a recipe for stuffed pork.  This classic Guerrero dish is sure to delight those who enjoy a mixture of flavors, including pork, fruit, vegetables, spices, pork lard and pork skin. All of the ingredients are finely chopped, mixed and traditionally baked in a clay pot.

Acapulco Style Ceviche

Acapulco Style Ceviche

Since Acapulco is a major port town, fresh seafood is something that can easily be enjoyed during your visit. Acapulqueno ceviche is prepared by cooking pieces of fish that were dipped in lemon juice for at least one night before draining the mixture and adding onion, fresh lemon juice, diced avocado, cilantro, olive oil, olives and chili.

Coconut and Tamarind Candies

Coconut and Tamarind CandiesThe local population has benefited greatly from the coconut and tamarind trees, coming up with creative ways to prepare the ingredients and create delicious sweets like jamoncillo (a type of fudge), baked coconut candy, marzipan, coconut popsicles and tamarind pulp with sugar or chili. All varieties combine colors and ingredients in a unique fashion, giving you many ways to enjoy these snacks.


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