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Acapulco Nightlife | Things to do After Dark in Acapulco


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Acapulco Nightlife

Without a doubt, Acapulco nightlife is pretty incredible, with a reputation that sets it apart from many other destinations. The party begins when the sun begins to set and continues until dawn. 

You may wish to start off the evening by enjoying the thrilling spectacle of the divers, who courageously jump off the cliffs of La Quebrada from a height of 115 feet. The night’s adventure continues with dancing at the clubs, where the action truly begins at midnight. More romantic travelers may find that savoring drinks by candlelight at a quiet piano bar is the perfect way to spend the evening.

Several of the hotels in the city are home to the most innovative and popular entertainment venues or nightclubs. Locals and visitors alike often frequent these establishments. Some offer great views, some are located right by the beach and others have ultramodern features. Whichever club you choose, you’re sure to experience an exciting night out in Acapulco.

Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman

Acapulco at NightThis avenue passes through the heart of the city and is home to restaurants, bars and nightclubs that offer plenty of energy, fun and music. This is where you’ll find the quiet bars and the lively nightclubs that feature world-class DJs. Explore the area with a ride on a Calandria and experience the light and color of this destination for yourself.


Baby'O in Acapulco

Since 1976, Baby'O Acapulco has been one of the best places to mix with the "beautiful people" as well as national and international stars. Enjoy an incredible night and fantastic service when you head to Baby'O during your next visit to Acapulco.

Up in the Hills

Nighttime Panorama in Acapulco

The Bay of Acapulco is framed by the surrounding hills, where the most exclusive and trendy nightclubs can be found. These clubs feature the best DJs, light shows and the most advanced sound systems. Beautiful panoramic views of the city can also be enjoyed at these places, where many people gather to experience a fun and vibrant evening out.


Acapulco Nightclub

Palladium is located on the scenic Las Brisas highway, the highest area of Acapulco. At this club, you can experience the illusion of being suspended in the air as you look down on the Bay of Acapulco through a stained glass window that is almost 55 yards wide. The laser ray and many other incredible features await you at this club.

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