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Cliff Divers of La Quebrada

Acapulco is a great beach destination, where you can fully enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Its beaches are ideal for water sports and are the perfect place to rest and relax while you listen to the sound of the waves as the sun shines down upon you.

However, Acapulco also has attractions for those who wish to enjoy more than the beaches and the sun. This exciting city has many centuries of history and culture to discover as it has survived the conquest, independence and modern times.

The beaches of Acapulco

The beaches of AcapulcoAcapulco offers a great number of beaches along the bay and adjoining shorelines. Many beach restaurants put out umbrellas, chairs and tables in the sand, so you can enjoy your food and drinks right by the water. Here are just a few of the best beaches:


  • Caleta and Caletilla were the preferred beaches with the international jet set during the 50s and 60s. These beaches are naturally sheltered by Roqueta Island, creating calm waters that are perfect for children.
  • Playa Condesa is located at the center of the bay in the heart of the Golden Zone and is known for its great tourist and commercial activities. The waves at this beach range from normal to strong and visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere created the bars and restaurants that open early in the day.
  • Playa Icacos is a quiet beach located in the southern part of the bay near large hotels and condominiums. This beach is perfect for enjoying a variety of water sports.
  • Barra Vieja is on the road to the airport, approximately 16 miles from Acapulco. It’s popular with locals and visitors and is surrounded by small restaurants where you can enjoy delicious pescado a la talla (marinated fish with salsa). You can also enjoy horseback riding and take a ride down the beach as you admire the beautiful sunset.
  • Pie de la Cuesta is an internationally renowned beach that is known for its spectacular sunsets.
  • Puerto Marques is a large bay surrounded by mountains that are covered with tropical vegetation. This area has beautiful and tranquil beaches as well as great beach restaurants with reasonable prices.
  • Punta Diamante is a modern and luxurious tourist development in Acapulco that has a number of beautiful beaches with strong waves created by the open sea.
  • Revolcadero is located behind Puerto Marques and features strong and continuous waves as well as an undercurrent. Caution should be used when entering these waters.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude

The Cathedral of Our Lady of SolitudeLocated within the main square of the port area and built in 1930, the cathedral is adorned with a Moorish style dome and Byzantine towers as well as a charming interior decorated with gold details. The Virgin of Solitude has been the patron saint of Acapulco ever since King Philip II sent her image to Mexico, and she was named a symbolic General during Mexico’s Independence.

Centro Internacional Acapulco

Acapulco Convention CenterThis convention center is strategically located in the heart of the Acapulco Hotel Zone and caters to 15,000 people. One of the most famous rooms is the Teotihuacan room, which is 68,000 square feet in size and 30 feet high. Centro Internacional Acapulco is the official home of many world famous events.

El Rollo Acapulco

El Rollo AcapulcoThis modern water park is perfect for the whole family as it offers fun attractions and the highest safety standards. During your visit you can enjoy water slides, pools, a dolphin show and restaurants that serve delicious snacks.

Golf in Acapulco

Golf in AcapulcoAcapulco has four 18-hole golf courses located at hotels and within prestigious residential areas. Each offers the ultimate in diversity and challenges as well as unique characteristics. In addition, the Acapulco Golf Club has a 9-hole course that is located next to the Convention Center.

La Casa de la Mascara

Casa de la MascaraLocated next to Fort San Diego in the Cultural Corridor, the “House of Masks” offers visitors the chance to discover this unique art form. Using multicolored masks, the Guerrerenses craftsmen take us on a fantastic journey through their religion and culture. In some Guerrero towns the mask is closely related to their dances and traditions and is considered one of the richest forms of expression in popular art.

Papagayo Park

Papagayo ParkPapagayo Park is a protected natural area that is approximately 49 acres in size. Visitors can interact with a wide variety of animals and birds that migrate from the northern part of the continent. Its biodiversity combines with features like cultural and recreational activities and sports to create the ideal place for a family outing. The park has a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts as well as restaurants, an auditorium, a library, swimming pools, three lakes, a cycling track, skating and rides.

Fishing in Acapulco

Fishing in AcapulcoFishing in Acapulco is an unforgettable experience. Near the bay you’ll find various species, including mahi-mahi, northern red snapper and marlin. At the Marina and Yacht Club you’ll be able to organize your trip out to sail the high seas in pursuit of your prize.


Calandrias in AcapulcoThese popular carriages are decorated with multicolored balloons and are pulled by a pair of horses along Costera Miguel Aleman, the main avenue in Acapulco. This unique ride travels from the traffic circle at La Diana to Papagayo Park. At night you can enjoy the party atmosphere of the city, when the large neon signs of the main restaurants, bars and nightclubs are illuminated.

Diego Rivera Mural

Diego Rivera Mural in AcapulcoThe Diego Rivera Mural is located in the Acapulco Tradicional neighborhood, in the former house of Dolores Olmedo, the largest collector of Riviera's work in the world. She was a close friend of the Mexican painter, with whom she was romantically linked after the death of his wife, the controversial painter Frida Kahlo. Between 1956 and 1957, Diego Rivera chose to spend some time in Acapulco to recover from cancer and stayed with his friend while completing his final works before his death.


San Diego Fort

San Diego Fort in AcapulcoThe old San Diego Fort has a unique pentagon shape and has always been an essential part of the physiognomy of the port of Acapulco. Today this important monument houses a history museum. The ancient fortress has been the site of many culturally significant events, including the first Acapulquenos settlers, conquering the South Seas, trading with the Orient, piracy in the Pacific, Morelos’ military feat and other fascinating historic events.

Coyuca Lagoon

Coyuca LagoonAt this lagoon you can navigate through jungle scenery, visit Bird Island, the Isla del Hombre de Las Siete Esposas (The Man with Seven Wives Island), travel down the canal where “Rambo II” was filmed and see La Barra, where the lagoon, the river and the ocean meet. The television series “Tarzan” was also filmed at this location.

La Quebrada

La Quebrada in AcapulcoThe famous cliff divers of La Quebrada, who jump from a 115 foot high cliff, have become a symbol of the city and a popular Acapulco attraction. For generations, brave young men and women plunge downwards from the majestic cliff into a narrow access where huge waves crash against the rocks. The timing of the dive is crucial and must be perfectly executed due to dangerous underwater conditions.


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