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Welcome to Acapulco

Acapulco is recognized worldwide as a place to enjoy relaxation and fun. Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, this destination has a perfect tropical climate for most of the year, making it ideal for both daytime and nighttime activities.

Golden beaches, the mountains of the Sierra Madre, tropical jungles, lagoons and a warm Mexican atmosphere all combine to give you a unique vacation experience and superb views.



Activities in Acapulco

Acapulco offers an incredible variety of sports and recreation, including tennis, golf, bowling, beach volleyball, soccer, squash and racquetball. You can also enjoy diving, skiing, fishing, windsurfing, jet skis and a ride on a banana boat. As a spectator, you can attend bullfights, boxing matches and wrestling as well as the major golf and tennis tournaments, triathlons and other sporting events held each year in Acapulco.

Beaches in Acapulco

Beaches in AcapulcoIn Acapulco you can try a variety of water sports and beach activities or just swim and relax as you work on your tan under the warm sunshine. The different beaches range from calm to wavy, including Playa Revolcadero, Playa Caleta and Playa Condesa. These beaches each have distinctive characteristics and contrast beautifully with the mountains of the Sierra Madre, creating many exceptional vistas for you to admire.

Many beach restaurants put out umbrellas, chairs and tables, so you can enjoy your food and drinks right on the shore.  Several oceanfront hotels also have beach clubs that make your beach vacation even more enjoyable. 


Acapulco at NightAcapulco also comes to life at night, when millions of lights are reflected like stars in the water. Its legendary nightlife includes bars, nightclubs and many more high-quality entertainment options. You can visit these remarkable places by simply walking along the avenue Costera Miguel Aleman.

A Brief History

Historia de AcapulcoThis beautiful tourist destination has witnessed the pre-Columbian era, the conquest, independence and modern times. Throughout the history of Acapulco you’ll hear about stories of pirates, and several blocks south of the Zocalo (main square) you’ll find Fort San Diego, built in the eighteenth century to protect the city from pirate attacks back when it was the main commercial port for the Pacific Ocean to the continent. The fort has been beautifully preserved and now houses a museum with fascinating displays about the history of Mexico.

Acapulco Profile

  • Family destination with attractions and activities for children, teens and adults
  • Hotels suitable for all budgets
  • Locations for hosting all kinds of events
  • One of the best nightlife scenes in Mexico
  • Major port for large ships and ocean liners
  • Offers a variety of delicious cuisine

Things to do in Acapulco

  • Swim and sunbathe at the beaches
  • Take in the music, lights and energy of the city’s nightlife
  • See the divers at La Quebrada jump from a 115 foot high cliff
  • Visit the historic center, explore the Zocalo (main square), the Fort of San Diego and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude
  • Spend the day at the Magico Mundo Marino aquarium and the Cici Acapulco Magico water park, which has slides, pools and a dolphin and seal show
  • Rent a boat at Playa Caleta and travel to Roqueta Island, where you can swim and snorkel
  • Take a tour in a Calandria
  • Have fun at Papagayo Park, a protected natural area where families can enjoy rides, recreation and cultural activities
  • Shop at the markets, where you can sample and purchase traditional candies that are famous throughout Mexico
  • Go shopping at Plaza Bahia and La Isla Acapulco Shopping Village, where you’ll find all kinds of fine purchases
  • Visit the “House of Masks”, where masks from the seven regions of Guerrero are on display alongside decorative items and ritual dances
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