• La Vinata - Visit to the Tequila Factory, Mazatlan

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    5 Hrs
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    The picturesque La Noria town is located at the Sierra Madre Occidental foothill, 21 miles away Mazatlan Port. During this attraction called “La Vinata” we’ll take you to a stroll around this colonial village a place where past meets with present, being its architecture a living testimony of the golden years. You’ll be fascinated walking along cobble stone streets, admiring old big houses and tile main doors a truly relic that you cannot miss.

    La Noria is renowned for being a Tequila producer for this reason we’ll take you to visit a traditional factory that elaborates this beverage, where the experts will show you how this Mexican delight was prepared in the past.

    This amusing stroll has a duration of 5 hours in which you’ll meet the locals, interact with them, learn about its customs, and the elaboration of the most famous Mexican drink: Tequila. At this factory the best Agaves are prepared as well as the experts will teach you the secrets of this process, and of course the most exciting moment is the tasting one when you’ll try different classes of Tequilas. La Vinata is a must in Mazatlan, don’t miss it!

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