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    5 Hrs
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    Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful animals and an encounter with the Seri culture can all be enjoyed and experienced when you visit Bahia de Kino. This trip is split into two parts; the New Kino and the Old Kino.

    At New Kino you will get to see the stunning deep blue color of the Mar de Cortes and enjoy the seaside environment. This is the perfect place for diving and fishing, as you can see stingray, turtles, giant squid, goldfish and many other beautiful species. You'll also visit new developments, a deserted golf course and ethnic museums like the Seri Museum, where you can learn more about the antique community that established their home in this place.

    At Old Kino you can admire the astonishing view at the dock, go for a walk at the Malecon and take beautiful photos of your journey. You can also buy handicrafts, collars, earrings and wood sculptures. Dine on enticing seafood while visiting this wonderful area.

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