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    Located in the west area of the Valles Calchaquies, Cachi is a beautiful village situated 2200 meters above sea level and just about 158 kilometers away from the city of Salta. This is a place to admire nature and the remains of a colonial dominion during the mid-eighteenth century, surrounded by mountains and breathtaking green areas, which will make our eyes get lost in the immensity of the distance, admiring the Nevado de Cachi. < br> < br> We are getting into the Quebrada de Escoipe and the amazing green mountains are starting to narrow our path, leaving us breathless at the view. But in a second, the landscape turns into a desert full of green cactus and mountains covered with rocks and red sand. We are getting to the Valle Encantado. < br> We can admire the Cardones National Park and we get to the highest point of the itinerary, Piedra del Molino, a place situated 3400 meters above sea level.
    A few kilometers before Cachi, the town of Payogasta is a must. Our final destination is the town of Cachi, a name that in Quechua language means “SALT”.
    When getting to Cachi, we will get amazed by the beautiful stone plaza and its church with its three bells. Walking through the cobblestone streets surrounded by mountains cannot be skipped.

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