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Shopping in Patzcuaro

Patzcuaro's Art CraftsPatzcuaro, is well known in the state of Michocan for artisan handicrafts, including decorative wooden pieces made using a technique called ''maque'', and also for the masks, ceramics, and brightly colored textiles created here.

In Patzcuaro's main market you can find colorful handmade tablecloths, shawls, handbags, curtains and blankets. There are also painted and hand carved pieces, incredible copper containers and lots more items to buy as the perfect souvenir of your vacation.

Santa Clara del Cobre

Santa Clara del CobreThis town is internationally renowned for its products made of copper, obtained from the local mines. For many years the artisans have mastered and perfected the techniques for working copper. There are several artisans that offer a wide variety of products, such as glazed vases, pots, plates, saucepans and many other decorative objects. You can observe this elaborate process at the workshop/school, Museo del Cobre (The Copper Museum). The prices for the different products are very reasonable considering all the work put into each piece. Don't forget to buy an original copper item created 100% by the artisans of this region.

Galerias del Arcangel

Galerias del ArcangelArcangel Galerias is a furniture store with products manufactured in this picturesque city. The items are made with the best materials and are of an exceptional quality. Here you can find amazing handcrafts from Michocan and the adjacent states. Most items are created in a traditional Mexican style. Among the products that you can find there are pieces made of wood, blown glass sculptures, talavera pottery, leather items, mirrors and hand painted furniture.

Diseno y Artesania

Diseno y ArtesaniaThe name of the store (Design and Craftwork) really captures the essence of the products that they sell, exclusive, unique clothing. The designs are authentic artesian works of art made by the owner Mrs. Esperanza Sepulveda, using fabrics created by the indigenous people. The clothing is colorful and skillfully created with a Purepecha loom. There are products in every price range and for every taste. These pieces are worth the money, and the garments are perfect to show off back home as a memory of your trip to Patzcuaro.

Casa del Naranjo

Casa del NaranjoThis is a small group of stores, owned by artisans, fits in perfectly with the architectural beauty of Patzcuaro, immersing visitors into ancient Mexico and surrounding them with wonderful pieces of art. Among the products on offer are regional candies, furniture, and ceramics from the entire state. La Casa del Naranjo is a store that you must visit, if you are looking for the finest handcrafts by the local artists.

La Casa Grande

La Casa GrandeLa Casa Grande is a property own by the descendants of one of the most important families in Patzcuaro, who for many decades have sold the best traditional and original products, as well as offering the best prices in the state of Michocan. In this store you will find magnificent painted and handmade tableware, exquisite shawls with elaborate lacework, along with beautiful polychrome sculptures, and lots more interesting pieces.

Palacio de Huitzimengari

Palacio de HuitzimengariLocated in a beautiful colonial house in the main square of Patzcuaro, Palacio de Huitzimengari was owned by Don Antonio de Huitzimengari, son of the last Caltzontzin or Purepecha ruler, and godson of Don Antonio de Mendoza, the first viceroy of New Spain. The building has small stores owned by several Patzcuaro artisans who exhibit and sell products, such as extraordinary clay sculptures, straw handicrafts, fabulous masks and pretty copper objects, among the many other unique products.

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