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Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo LaredoNuevo Laredo lies to the north of Tamaulipas and it is one of the major border cities in Mexico, due to the extensive economic activity that takes place there. The amount of foreign trade, primarily focusing on international shipping and freightage, and the production of a variety of diverse products have helped turn Nuevo Laredo into a city with one of the highest gross incomes per capita in all of Mexico.

Nuevo LaredoNuevo Laredo's industrial development, population growth and its proximity to the U.S. has prompted an intense amount of economic activity between locals and foreigners alike. Additionally, there is a constant intellectual and cultural exchange between the two countries, a fact that is evident from the many art exhibits, plays and book fairs, as well as the many activities that take place in the museums and music venues in town.


Nuevo LaredoThroughout the years, Nuevo Laredo has formed strong ties with its neighbor across the border, Laredo, Texas. Nuevo Laredo features excellent restaurants, interesting architecture, a large commercial sector and also several attractions for tourists. Hence, Nuevo Laredo is definitely worth visiting on business or for leisure and it is a very important point of entry linking Mexico with the United States and Canada.

Nuevo Laredo has been able to preserve its multi-cultural identity by opening its borders and embracing modernity, yet keeping loyal to Mexican principles and roots.


Nuevo LaredoNuevo Laredo was created when the city of Villa de San Agustin de Laredo, originally on both sides of the Rio Grande, split in two because of political differences, thus creating the cities of Laredo Texas, and Nuevo Laredo Mexico. Then in 1847 when war broke out between Mexico and the U.S.; Mexico was "encouraged" to sell almost half of its territory in order to stop the conflict.

Nuevo LaredoIn 1848 after the signing of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty, in which the Rio Grande clearly defined the new political border, several families living on the northern side, decided to remain true to their customs and traditions and moved south of the border. Their loyalty to Mexico was such that they even dug up their ancestors and took them south of the border to buried in their homeland. It was due to this incident that Nuevo Laredo got its famous slogan: ''Always with the homeland''. Seventeen families moved and settled in this rugged land and regardless of the harsh weather conditions, established the city of Nuevo Laredo.

Modern-day Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo LaredoNowadays, Nuevo Laredo is the most prominent border city in all Latin America. Its geographic location has helped it to grow rapidly, and as a city it now specializes in international trade, particularly in the import and export of goods across the border.

Nuevo LaredoNearly 3,000 truckloads of merchandise cross the border daily, and 1,500 freight trains transport goods back and forth on a yearly basis. In fact, more than 30% of all goods exported from Mexico to the U.S. go through Nuevo Laredo, making it one of the busiest ports of entry in the continent.

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