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Restaurantes en Morelia

Morelia offers the visitor a variety of tasty cuisine, and still preserves the ancestral flavors inherited from the Tarascas (the indigenous people of the region), which has now been mixed with Spanish cuisine. With the arrival of the conquerors, new techniques were learnt to complement their hunting and the fishing, such as the cultivation of almonds and other plants, and also farming. Hence, with a solid indigenous platform, the dishes that distinguish Michoacan's cuisine were slowly created.

Among the dishes that have made Michoacan's cuisine famous, you will find Patzcuaro's delicious white fish, its fine meat is exquisite and it melts in your mouth; "uchepos," little tamales made of fine corn accompanied by beans and grated cheese; or the "corundas" which were known as "palace bread" in colonial times, these are tamales wrapped in corn leaves, they have an irregular shape and they are stuffed with a mole made of beef and vegetables. Don't miss out on the "olla podrida" (rotten saucepan), a famous dish made from a variety of meat and European vegetables. To finish the journey through Michoacan's cuisine, we only need to mention the drinks such as the "charanda" (sugar cane liquor); the desserts, the candies and of course, the ice creams.

Cafe Catedral

Restaurants in MoreliaRight in the historic center of Morelia, under the arches that face the Cathedral, you will find this famous cafe-bar, probably the most famous eatery in the city. The excellent location, next to the cathedral and Main Square, allows for a delicious traditional breakfast accompanied by an amazing panoramic view. If the morning is a bit cold, ask for a hot chocolate and savor its delicious aroma, flavor, and consistency. You will love it!

La Casa del Portal

Restaurants in Morelia

This is the perfect restaurant to try the most exquisite regional dishes, such as the "corundas" and "uchepos," you can also enjoy a stunning view of the Cathedral from the second floor. Besides being a very traditional restaurant, and without a doubt one of the best places to eat in Morelia, La Casa del Portal is an encounter with the arts and culture of Michoacan. The eatery exhibits and sells furniture, handicrafts, antiques, and regional souvenirs such as traditional candies, jewelry, postcards and t-shirts.

El Mago

Restaurants in MoreliaMore than a restaurant, El Mago is a tradition in Morelia, specializing in natural juices and Mexican-style sandwiches. This small eatery was created by a fan of the local soccer team; in fact, the restaurant is named after him and dubbed "El Mago." The establishment serves the greatest sandwiches in town, both in size and taste. With several small branches around the city, El Mago features a home-style family atmosphere. It is decorated to represent a colorful fruit market, with kilos and kilos of fresh fruit carefully arranged and numerous photos of "El Mago" accompanied by famous soccer players.

The pleasant smell of the fresh fruit fills the restaurant, and you can hand pick your fruit for your juice! El Mago's inspired, family atmosphere makes it one of the most enticing and popular restaurants in Morelia. Don't forget to stop by!

El Rincon de los Sentidos

Restaurants in MoreliaMeaning "The Corner of Senses" it's one of the numerous spaces in Morelia that combines a cafe-bar with an art gallery. Located in a colonial building, it features many rooms and a central patio where live music is performed. El Rincon de los Sentidos invites you to enjoy a good drink and a pleasant chat in its small, private rooms. With incredibly comfortable furniture, this really is a super pleasant, relaxing place. During the day the atmosphere is normally quieter, but at night it's livelier with romantic "Nueva Trova" music. The "Rincon" is a place where you can delight your senses with flavors, aromas, music, art, and architecture, thus providing a truly gratifying experience for the body, mind and soul.


Restaurants in Morelia

This is an elegant restaurant located in the businesses district of Morelia. Emiliano's is an excellent choice for your evening meal, with a perfect balance between elegance, casual cuisine and a rustic touch, all beautifully merged with the exquisite dishes and the fantastic list of national and international wines.

Las Trojes

Dining in Morelia

The best regional cuisine and an atmosphere typical to Michoacan, without a shred of a doubt, are found at Las Trojes. For almost two decades this restaurant has been an institution with the people of Morelia. It was constructed over a "troje," a wooden house made by the natives of Michoacan (purepechas) and dates back to the 19th century. Come and enjoy delightful dishes, a casual atmosphere, and unsurpassable service. Las Trojes is one of the best restaurants in Morelia, do not miss it!

Los Mirasoles

La Pantera Restaurants in Morelia

Los Mirasoles restaurant is located in a big old house from the 17th century that used to belong to a noble family. Right in the historic center of the city, with a gorgeous patio, a private dinning room, a nice bar, and an unparalleled wine selection, for Mexico, Los Mirasoles rises as an excellent dining choice. It features the largest wine cellar in the state and one of the most important in Mexico, with over 250 labels from countries such as France, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.

This fabulous restaurant has monolithic pillars, handcrafted furnishings and a friendly atmosphere. It also offers authentic regional cuisine and boasts the AAA 4 Diamond award, thus assuring an exceptional culinary experience. The bar at Los Mirasoles features a myriad of unique drinks and more than 50 flavors of Martini, including the highly popular Mescal-flavored Martini.

Meson Agustinos

La Pantera Restaurants in MoreliaLocated in the historic center, this is one of the most pleasant, cozy restaurants in Morelia. It offers exquisite flavorful cuisine, which include from authentic Mexican delicacies and regional specialties to international dishes, pastas, meats, and seafood. Due to its location, on a pedestrian walkway behind the Cathedral, Meson Agustinos has a peaceful atmosphere, and occasionally has live Mexican music. Portions are quite generous, the food is always well presented, and the atmosphere is totally family friendly. After eating, you may want to try the "churros" and chocolate, a staple at this restaurant.

San Miguelito

Dining in Morelia

Combining art, signature cuisine, and a great atmosphere, San Miguelito is the perfect choice for a superb dining experience. Art, colors, handcrafts, and creativity are found in every corner of San Miguelito. This original restaurant-bar/gallery-museum features different sections, each with a well-defined atmosphere. Among these areas, the most outstanding, for its impressive decor and original design is definitely the "Rincon de las Solteronas," (the corner of the unmarried), which has made this restaurant immortally famous.

This area features over 520 images and statues of Saint Anthony in all shapes and sizes, made by artists from all over the world. According to tradition, the images are turned upside down, and the miracle of finding a husband will happen for those who request it. When you visit the "Rincon de las Solteronas" you will see about 20 thousand petitions written on several incredibly thick notepads... maybe you will take the time to write down yours.

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