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Shopping in Michoacan, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Michoacan

After visiting all the "hotspots" in Michoacan, get ready to take a closer look at the Purepecha culture and the legacy they have left throughout the years. Even now, most of the different kinds of handicrafts made in Michoacan are produced using ancient techniques. Throughout the state, you can find handicraft street markets where you can buy the perfect souvenir to take home. The "Feria Nacional del Cobre" (National Copper Fair) and the "Feria de la Guitarra" (Guitar Fair) are some of the most important fairs and street markets in the whole of Michoacan.

Michoacan HandicraftsThe many interesting state street market fairs take place at different times of the year, and offer a wide variety of products such as pottery, jewelry, hammered copper, carved-wood, furniture, masks, vegetable fibers and toys made of stone, paper and corn leaves.

In every town and community in Michoacan, there is an opportunity to acquire new products, handicrafts, colorful souvenirs, and magical gifts. Most of the towns in Michoacan specialize in a specific type of handicraft and these curiosities are readily available in the streets and colonial alleyways.

Paracho, a lovely town in the Uruapan region, has specialized for generations in the making of string instruments, which are of such high quality, that it has become famous worldwide. There are other towns, like Santa Clara, where you will find unique items made of copper, which are of superior quality, texture, and color. In Jiquilpan, you will find plenty of shawls. Nurio specializes in Mexican sombreros and the ceramics in Tzintzuntzan are outstanding. As for regional candy, try buying a whole assortment when in Michoacan. There is such a variety that you can definitely find one you like.

Santa Clara del Cobre

Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan In the region of Patzcuaro, the town of Santa Clara del Cobre (St. Clare of Copper) is an excellent option when shopping for handicrafts. This traditional village is internationally renowned for the exceptional quality of the copper utensils and handicrafts made here.

Take the time to visit the numerous workshops and traditional stores offering all kinds of copper items and jewelry. The variety and originality of the copper pieces can ensure you that you will find the perfect piece for your home or as a gift. If you visit Santa Clara del Cobre in August, you will have the chance to attend the National Copper Fair, which is held yearly and presents the latest designs, along with traditional cultural activities.

La Casa del Naranjo

La Casa del Naranjo in Patzcuaro, Michoacan shopsLa Casa del Naranjo (The Home of the Orange Tree) is a small, picturesque shopping center in Patzcuaro. It maintains the common architectonic style of the town and is decorated in the same traditional style as the adjacent buildings. As with everything in the town of Patzcuaro, visiting this small plaza provides you with a special, magical feeling of going back in time to another era.

At La Casa del Naranjo you can purchase regional candy, jewelry, hand-made items, traditional masks, and a variety of creative handcrafts made by local artists. On the second floor of this little plaza there is a relaxing cafe-bar perfect for a chat and a hot cup of coffee after a busy day shopping.

Mariposa Blanca

Mariposa Blanca in Patzcuaro, Michoacan shopsNear the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Patzcuaro, this picturesque shop offers handicrafts from the whole state of Michoacan as well as original gifts and souvenirs. There are paintings, lamps, cups, clay figurines, purses, ceramics, glass items, books, photo collections, DVD's and many other things. Visiting Mariposa Blanca is the right decision when looking for souvenirs. Check it out when in Patzcuaro!

Plaza Zamora

Michoacan shopping mallsThis appealing shopping center in the city of Zamora has a picturesque, folkloric style, and features all kinds of shops offering from traditional candy, clothes, footwear and perfumes to gifts, souvenirs, electronics, and CD's. Plaza Zamora also has a cozy area with traditional dining options. Located in the heart of the city, this highly recommended mall combines both a modern and traditional shopping experience.

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