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Nightlife in Michoacan, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Michoacan nightlife

Michoacan is a state full of history, traditions, culture, and artistic expressions. In the evenings, you can admire the impressive colonial buildings or stroll around the beautiful, magical towns of the state, meeting the kind, friendly locals. Of course, the evenings in Michoacan are also an opportunity to visit the numerous cafes, bars, clubs and discos of the state.

When visiting the different regions and cities ofMichoacan, you can find all kinds of nightlife and entertainment options. Each city in the state features its own excellent selection of evening entertainment so just choose what best fits your needs and tastes. From a small bar with live rock music or a lively club with live DJs, to a cafe with a romantic atmosphere or a modern discotheque, Michoacan's nightlife guarantees a fun, entertaining night out for people of all ages.

El Campanario Bar

Bars in MichoacanThis video bar is right in front of Patzcuaro's main square, in the social and commercial heart of this cobblestoned magical town. Every day, this bar breaks the quiet pace of Patzcuaro and turns the decibels up to the levels of live Latin rock. Paradoxically, El Campanario's uncommon concept has made it one of the most visited bars in Patzcuaro. The place is rather small, thus it features superb acoustics that makes music enjoyable from any part of the bar. El Campanario is one of the sites you cannot miss when in Patzcuaro!

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