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Nightlife in Mexico City

As with all large cities, Mexico City nightlife offers numerous places for you to enjoy including nightclubs, bars and a whole host of restaurants and cafes.


Asha Night Club in Mexico CityAsha makes the night come alive. Featuring a series of different theme nights, this club is one of the best in the south of the city. Find it on Copilco El Bajo and enjoy one of the most popular after-hours clubs in Mexico City.

Black Out

Black Out bar in Mexico CityInspired by the New York night scene and with a concept created by set designer Felipe Fernandez del Paso (production designer of the movie Frida), Black Out is an innovative club that charges no cover, offers reasonable prices and a variety of fast food. It features a nearly 50 foot long bar and the impressive "counter bar", which stands 30 feet tall. Those who frequent Blackout are normally between 20 and 40 years old. The Zona Rosa is the home of this bar, which can hold up to 300 people and offers three floors decorated with black drapes, mirrors and fantastic lighting, creating a very elite atmosphere. The third level is a VIP zone.

Bulldog Cafe

Nightlife in Mexico CityBulldog Cafe opened in 1992 creating a totally new concept in nightlife entertainment. Popularly known as The Rock & Roll House, Bulldog Cafe has served as a stage for important international rock bands such as Guns N Roses, Radiohead, Poison, Great White, The Romantics and several others. It is also known for presenting a variety of new talented national bands, some of which have eventually gone on to become famous.

Celtics Condesa

Celtics CondesaThis typical Celtic pub, located in the heart of "Condesa", a very well known chic area of Mexico City, features both Irish and British music. Celtics Condesa is furnished with comfortable sofas and oversized arm chairs and is an excellent place for a chat and a few drinks with friends. Once in a while they have bands playing live and this is when many of the regulars don traditional kilts and order several rounds of Guinness. A guaranteed good night out for all concerned!


Nightlife in Mexico CityLocated in Jardines del Pedregal, a very exclusive area in the southern part of Mexico City, the Circus offers a vast selection of dance pop music, all under a circus tent, hence the name, functioning in a very unique system of multicolored lights. This nightclub is frequented by a mainly upscale crowd and features live bands, as well as a competitively priced drink list that offers all the most popular brands of tequila, vodka, rum and beer.


Clubbing in Mexico CityA visit to Classico is a must for those nostalgic clubbers who agree that the best dance music was from the 80s. The DJ's playlist includes pop in Spanish and in English from those beautifully wonderful times that make the dance floor and the lighting seem more enticing for the fun that is about to be had. The bartender can serve up some excellent martinis but if you start feeling hungry after dancing and flirting the night away, order some tacos de arrachera or a steak to curb your hunger

El Conuco

El Conuco, Bares en la Ciudad de MexicoIf you are in the mood for a fun night out during your visit to Mexico City, then pay a visit to this lively nightclub, located in the neighborhood of Colonia Roma. They always have a great selection of famous bands playing tropical music. The rhythms of merengue, regueton, salsa and cumbia, are sure to get you in a good mood and ready to strut your stuff on the dance floor. For anyone who loves good food, this place will not let you down. Enjoy the many delicious Creole and Dominican specialties on offer here, including "asopao de mariscos" (spicy seafood stew), "moros con gandules" (rice and beans, served with marinated pork) and "mondongo" (slow-cooked diced cow's tripe), which will all leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. All these fantastic dishes are served with a fresh garden salad and fried banana chips.

El Conuco's dance floor is definitely not a place for shy people! Have a great time in the company of the friendly locals, while enjoying delicious tropical drinks, made by the rambunctious bartenders who definitely prepare the tastiest mojitos in town. Let yourself go and have an incredible evening to remember at El Conuco.

El Imperial

El Imperial Night Club in Mexico CityIn El Imperial offers shows with the best bands of the music scene of Mexico City, as well as the most famous DJs of alternative electronic music. The decor of this renovated mansion is as eye-catching as the music is attention-grabbing. With an elegant air that can even be found in the heavy drapery, El Imperial also adds to its decor with the relief design of the walls and the ornately adorned lamps. This club offers two different ambiances which are independent of each other but equally attractive. Listen to a live band or just hang out in the lounge area listening to other types of music. Whatever may be the case, have your favorite drink at hand and have fun until the wee hours of the morning

King's British Pub

King's British Pub in Mexico CityWhy be content with just one region when you can have all the riches of an entire kingdom? At King's British Pub, sample the best beers from around the world, and enjoy music in the form of live bands covering popular English songs, or mixes by the house DJs. The regular clientele are young people between 25 and 35 years of age looking for a laid back atmosphere, different from the sophisticated, minimalist lounges that have Pubs in Mexico Citybecome a little passe for many Mexicans. Try traditional British cuisine, such as fish and chips, accompanied by a refreshing pint of beer. Visit any of King's British Pub's four branches, located in Satelite, Loreto, Polanco and Santa Fe for a great night out.

El Hijo del Cuervo

Mexico NightclubsA pleasant recipe: take a house with Coyoacan garden view, lots of charm and plenty of history; sprinkle inside the creme de la creme of the intellectual elite of the city. Add an excellent ambiance. It's almost done! Now enter, along with your friends and enjoy El Hijo del Cuervo, definitely a perfect spot for an evening of cultural entertainment.


Federica bar is situated in a big old house, typical of the La Condesa neighborhood. If you love a few drinks and some good conversation then come to Federica bar. This place has a very classy fashionable ambiance and it's the meeting point for the "glitzy" people of Mexico City. Federica is a small cozy place, far away from the big crowds, where exclusivity and intimacy are the key elements for a romantic evening or a relaxing conversation with friends.


Mexico NightlifeThis great Lounge moves a tiny but sophisticated spot of India to the exclusive area of Lomas de Santa Fe. It features several lounge rooms with peculiar and special ambiance, where pop and electronic are the reigning music. If you want to experience Mexico City nightlife, this is definitely a place that you cant miss!

Mama Rumba

If you enjoy cumbia or salsa music, then Mama Rumba is the ideal place to dance the night away. The crowd is always energetic, the atmosphere is lively and the mojitos, delicious! Come and find out why at Mama Rumba, they say "the night never ends".

Multiforo Cultural Alicia

Nightlife in MexicoThe name was inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." This forum is located in the very traditional Colonia Roma, very close to the center of the city, where indie bands that specialize in rock, ska, rockabilly, surf and even reggae, punk and Mexican folklore have come to make their big break. It's difficult to define the Alice because it is an unorthodox combination of a nightclub, a concert hall and even a recording studio. A very interesting place to visit, this Multiforum is great for a visit any weekend so discover the innovative musical styles that you're sure to find in a performance, a graffiti exposition, a photo show or a display of handicrafts.


Nightlife in MexicoFound in the south of this sprawling city, Must is a fashionable place where the beautiful people of Mexico City go. Dance non-stop next to attractive young men and women to electronic beats or to pop music. Everything in Must is a unique experience. From the entrance, there is a long corridor that takes the clubber to a sophisticated atmosphere, which is comprised of its eclectic decor. Even the dance floor is a monument unto itself for it has an enormous screen on one side and a cascade on the other. The drinks range from rum to champagne, with such popular favorites such as vodka, whisky and tequila. Must is visited by all sorts of famous people so don't be surprised if you find your favorite singer dancing right next to you.


Mexico NightclubsThis is probably one of the most diverse spots in Mexico City. One day it's a gallery, the next it's a concert hall and another one it's the headquarters of the most original parties. Rock and jazz are the main genres enjoyed here, as well as works of art and group performances. Pasaguero has turned into an artists meeting point, where you can also meet a variety of interesting people, such as tourists, foreign DJs, singers and the latest jazz and rock bands.


This pleasant bar, located in the La Condesa neighborhood, is easily recognizable by the giant cup at the entrance. It features a restaurant on the first floor and a Lounge Bar on the second. This bar features two independent lounge rooms, a blue one ideal to chat and flirt, and a red one where the music is louder and the atmosphere is livelier. It's totally up to you, just pick the room that suits your mood and get ready for a great night out in Mexico City.


Wallace Night Club in Mexico CityWallace is synonymous with fun for those people who prefer to spend their nights in the La Condesa neighborhood. Here you'll find everything you need to have a blast, including an impressive variety of whiskeys. Come and enjoy a fun-filled evening!



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