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This booming resort town is rapidly expanding along the coastline of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. As a major commercial fishing port it boasts Mexico's largest shrimp fleet and superb sport-fishing. Mazatlan, "The Pacific Pearl", perched on a headland which firmly separates harbor and tourist activities, has a life of its own and a laid-back old town atmosphere. Its position due east of the southern tip of Baja California, at the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, graces it with warm waters, a constantly balmy climate and year-round an abundance of marlin and sailfish.



The first people in the area of what is now Mazatlan were nomadic indigenous tribes who, according to evidence, traded with the Aztecs. The Aztecs were the ones who gave the place its name Mazatl, meaning place of deer. The Spanish settled some years after the conquest and founded a port from where trading ships were dispatched to Asia and Europe. The 19th century brought German and French immigrants attracted by the gold fever in the California's. After the Mexican Revolution the port activity grew and it wasn't until the early 60's that the tourist activity started.

MazatlanMazatlan distinguishes itself from the rest of the Mexican beach destinations because of its rich history and also because it is a city concerned about its image and its culture. This extraordinary combination of beautiful beaches, awesome natural attractions and luxurious hotels, together with a wonderfully preserved historic center, a variety of cultural events and the warm hospitality of the people gives Mazatlan a unique balance.

MazatlanMazatlan has a modern and progressive face. It is the second largest port city in Mexico because of its size, after Acapulco, and just behind Veracruz with regards to its port activity. It is also home to the biggest shrimping fleet in Mexico, thus acquiring its second nickname, the Shrimp Capital of Mexico.


Bullfight in Mazatlan Mexico

The lives of Mazatlan's' inhabitants pleasantly passes by amidst fantastic celebrations, such as the Mazatlan Carnival, considered the second best in Mexico, the local baseball team called The Venados and their passionate fans, the bullfights and the callejoneadas, public parties in the streets to which everyone is invited. More than a tourist, on your Mazatlan vacations you will be welcomed like an old friend.

MazatlanSo if you want to find all the best of Mexico in one place, get to know the history and culture of a colonial-style city, and at the same time spend a wonderful vacation by the beach, you just have to visit Mazatlan, because Mazatlan has it all!
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