Matamoros, Mexico

Shopping in Matamoros, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls


Matamoros features 4 border checkpoints crossed by thousands of visitors from the U.S., who come to Mexico to buy arts and crafts, beautiful pottery pieces from different states, as well as an array of colorful textiles, silver and gold jewelry. Likewise, Mexicans cross to Brownsville, where they buy clothing from famous brands, assorted items and electronics, at reasonable prices.

Brownsville, Texas

MatamorosLocated north of Matamoros, just across the border at the entrance to Brownsville, Texas, you'll find the Sunrise Mall. This huge shopping mall is the largest in the area, offering multiple department stores, including Dillard's, JCPenney, and Sears. At the Sunrise Mall of Brownsville you can purchase all sorts of goods from its shoe stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, health and beauty supply shops, bookstores, and specialist electronics stores. The Sunrise Mall also features lots of great restaurants and a 16 screen movie theater.

In downtown Brownsville you can find a great deal of stores, outlets, and smaller shopping plazas offering great prices on clothing, souvenirs, shoes, and accessories. There are also street vendors selling a variety of fast food and drinks to keep you going while on your shopping tour.

Juarez Market

MatamorosThe Juarez Market was built in 1835 and was the city's sole supply of fresh produce. It became run down due to the damage caused by hurricanes as well as the changes in government, which neglected its maintenance. It has recently been renovated and is currently being used for the sale of arts and crafts, jewelry, rustic furniture and all sorts of souvenirs.

Padre Island, Texas

Located off the Texas coast this almost 125 mile long island is popular for its white sandy beaches. As you would expect from an almost unpopulated vacation destination, there are barely any stores on the island, nevertheless, you can actually find boutiques, art galleries, and shops selling T-shirts, souvenirs, and sporting goods.

Plaza Sendero

MatamorosMatamoros has a new shopping mall, Plaza Sendero, with an array of entertainment options that include spacious and comfortable movie theaters, department stores, coffee shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, beauty salons and restaurants. The mall's ample facilities and exceptional shopping options make it a highly recommendable place to visit.

Matamoros Promenade

MatamorosThe city of Matamoros has a promenade known as 'Zona Peatonal', running from Plaza Hidalgo to the Cathedral, where you can find all sorts of shops carrying items such as shoes, art, typical sweets, furniture and even hats. The market is also found here, on this beautiful cobbled street. A must-see on your trip to Matamoros.

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