Los Cabos, Mexico

Shopping Center and Stores in Los Cabos Mexico

Shopping in Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers thousands of opportunities for shoppers. Here you can find almost any item made in Mexico: silver jewelry, blown-glass and ceramic objects, clothing, sandals, masks and other handcrafts, as well as imported articles from all over the world.

In Cabo San Lucas there are small stores and big malls, open-air markets and sophisticated boutiques. You can buy rustic Mexican furniture, blown glass pieces, brand-name clothing and many other kinds of gifts and souvenirs.

San Jose del Cabo offers an amazing variety of ceramic pieces, leather objects, silver jewelry and traditional items.  Discover wonderful goods along a beautiful boulevard that leads to the downtown area. There are also a great number of stores, where you can bargain and shop in peace, without any worries.

Los Cabos' reputation as an art center distinguishes it from most of the beach cities in Mexico. Visitors have the chance of buying pieces from some of the most recognized contemporary Mexican painters and sculptors, as well as from famous international artists. If you are a budget-conscious traveler, you will also be able to bring back home a piece of art created by Puerto Paraiso Mall’s up-and-coming artists.

Puerto Paraiso Mall

Puerto Paraiso Mall

Located in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Paraiso mall is just steps away from the main tourist attractions. Its magnificent three-level structure is a combination of the Mexican colonial style with sleek, modern amenities. Puerto Paraiso houses trendy boutiques and clothing chains, a large art gallery and renowned jewelry stores. All in all, a pretty complete concept of shopping and entertainment, Puerto Paraiso has innovated the traditional shopping mall experience.

Plaza del Mar

Next to the discotheque El Squid Roe, Plaza del Mar offers a great selection of beach clothing, hats, handbags and other souvenirs. In addition, there are several bars for cooling off after an intense day of shopping.

Sol Dorado

Sol Dorado

Sol Dorado features a great selection of art and handcrafts from all over Mexico. They proudly promote the most renowned artists that represent the heart and soul of Mexico. Here you will find a stunning variety of fine sculptures, paintings, ceramics, wood and blown-glass objects, each individually made and hand painted. It also offers the best silver, in addition to unique gold jewelry. You can buy all the items you want and don't have to worry about how to pack them since Sol Dorado can send your packages to anywhere in the world.

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