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The tip of the peninsula sits opposite of a lifeless desert. The endless coves and beaches offer from safe swimming to the best surf and even a protected marine reserve in Cabo Pulmo. The waves and winds throughout the year make Los Cabos the ideal spot for surfing, cruising, fishing and diving. It even serves as a playground for whales during the winter season. Golf lovers will find their paradise here, playing on the finest and most dynamic courses. Hotels of all kinds are spread over all of Los Cabos, catering to the budget traveler, as well as to the most discerning tourist.


Beaches in Los Cabos Mexico

For beach enthusiasts, Los Cabos is a dream come true. Twenty different-styled beaches span fifty miles, each with unique features of their own. Some are long and lively, others small and secluded and still others, endless and deserted. Not every beach is suitable for swimming, however, due to the undertow. But don't worry: ask your hotel concierge for recommendations. Los Cabos' main beaches are: San Jose (ideal for beach volleyball, romantic walks but unsafe for swimming); El Chileno (great for picnics and families, suitable for swimming); Costa Azul (for those who enjoy surfing); Palmilla (the most popular beach in San Jose for swimming); Santa Maria (a small beach great for snorkeling); El Medano (probably the most popular beach in Los Cabos, great for water sports, swimming, restaurants and services); Lovers Beach (the most romantic beach where you can enjoy the views of Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean).

Land's End Arch

Land's End Arch in Los Cabos Mexico

The only true land's end in the world, Land's End arch is a geological rock formation where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet. The arch is a marvel made even more attractive by the colonies of seals and sea lions basking in the sun on the rocks and the huge number of pelicans and other birds that fly over the area. Reachable only by boat, "El Arco" is the most recognizable landmark in Los Cabos.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing in Los Cabos MexicoLos Cabos offers an incredible varied marine life in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean and it is considered the marlin fishing capital of the world. Several marlin fishing tournaments occur throughout the year here and you cannot miss them, even if you're not a professional. But marlin is not the only fish you can catch around here. Scores of anglers from all over the world come here in search of highly sought-after species, such as dorado, swordfish, tuna, wahoo, grouper and roosterfish, among many others. Housing 850 species of fish, the coast of Baja California Sur has become a paradise for those who like to go sport fishing all year round.



Golf in Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos is a world-class destination for playing golf. Encircled by mountains, surrounded by deserts and coasts splashed by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The spectacular championship golf courses are absolute heaven for any golf lover. Los Cabos is also the site of major international tournaments such as the PGA Senior Slam Tour.

Devised by famous designers such as Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Raymond Floyd and Robert Trent Jones II, among others, these golf courses are located in a strikingly beautiful settings with lakes, hills and artificial waterfalls, suitable for low-handicap golfers that want to improve their skills, as well as for experienced ones that wish to play on some of the most wonderful golf courses in the world.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Los Cabos Mexico

If you're fortunate enough to visit Los Cabos in the months of January through March, it's likely that at some point during your stay, you'll have the pleasure of seeing the Gray whales. Their migration takes place each year and starts from the cold areas of Alaska and Siberia and goes to a warmer climate, ending in the waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Simply watching these incredible creatures frolicking amongst themselves is an awe-inspiring treat. Spouting, the action of exhaling air, is what you will probably see first. As the whale approaches, however, you may see breaching as well. Breaching is when the whale leaps almost completely out of the water and falls back with a large splash. This is a spectacular sight. There are tour companies that will take you to protected areas, so you can interact with them and see mother whales and their calves firsthand.

Scuba Diving and Cabo Pulmo

Scuba Diving in Los Cabos MexicoThe renowned Jacques Cousteau and many other adventurers have called the Sea of Cortez the world's richest sea and this is especially true of the southern tip of Baja. Three major ocean currents collide here to create the unique and varied life that abounds in these fruitful waters. Dives at these sites can go from deep to very shallow. You'll see unique and amazing rock formations, gigantic boulders, underwater canyons, colorful schools of tropical fish, turtles and rays.

One place of special importance is Cabo Pulmo, located on the East Cape, 40 miles from San Jose del Cabo. There you will see the only hard coral reef in the Sea of Cortez and one of three living reefs in North America, where more than 350 species live in harmony. You will be able to admire huge manta rays, whale sharks and sea lion colonies, among other animals. It is a practically virgin area that attracts many divers, snorkelers and tourists alike because of its astounding beauty and great fauna diversity. You shouldn't miss this exceptional experience that will become a memory of a lifetime.

San Jose del Cabo Estuary

San Jose del Cabo Estuary in Los Cabos Mexico

In the heart of San Jose del Cabo, you'll find an estuary, a tropical sanctuary for birds and a protected natural area, home to 150 species of birds. You can frequently see frigate birds (also known as the "man-o'-war birds") and brown pelicans, which reminds constantly of the estuary's proximity to the sea.

You can also observe different species of fish, turtles and aquatic mammals, practice kayaking, or just wander around the path and marvel at the stunning natural environment.

ATV Tours

ATV Tours in Los Cabos Mexico

A journey on an ATV (an "All Terrain Vehicle") is an exciting way to explore the hidden natural treasures of Los Cabos. Expert guides will be showing you the way, while traversing mountains, canyons and streams. In your path, you will encounter the varied flora and fauna of the desert ecosystem and will be amazed at the wonderful landscape.

Cacti Mundo

Cacti Mundo in Los Cabos Mexico

Discover a unique botanical garden with the most incredible cacti variety and other succulent plants not found anywhere else, in a wonderful natural setting. Cacti Mundo houses many endangered species, which were rescued from their original habitat.

For the past 10 years, Cacti Mundo's nurseries have been able to successfully reproduce and conserve the most important cacti collection in Mexico, creating a spectacular exhibition with 5,000 amazingly beautiful plants, which any nature enthusiast should not miss.

All this is just a part of Los Cabos sightseeing.

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