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Restaurants in Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

Restaurants in Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo restaurants offer exquisite dishes presenting a mixture of indigenous influence with prehispanic flavors brought by the Spanish friars. Therefore, dining in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo can be a singular experience. In addition, there are European stews that are eaten on special occasions or during traditional celebrations, which the locals have incorporated into their diet. The great mix of ethnicities also brought about a fusion of different kinds of food, which have been preserved and enhanced by our cooks. Here we recommend you some of the most typical Ixtapa Zihuatanejo restaurants.


Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoThis restaurant has been the backdrop of many photos, taken as a souvenir to remember the best gastronomic experiences that travelers have had on their trips to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and in particular, to this restaurant. Bogart's is a classic example of elegance and excellent cuisine, making its presence known in the major beach destinations of Mexico such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and now located right in the heart of Ixtapa. With arabesque columns and ornaments, the distinctive Moroccan style decor of Bogart's brings to mind scenes from the classic film, Casablanca. It also provides a singular setting that complements magnificently the delicious international dishes offered on the menu of this traditional establishment.

La Casa de Adobe Grill

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoWhile visiting Mexico you simply must try a really good taco. On the grill at La Casa de Adobe meats such as beef, pork and chicken are charbroiled alongside green onions, spicy sausages, grated cheese and sliced cactus. These are the basic ingredients needed for a real ''taco feast'' that always ends with everyone licking their fingers and asking for more! A variety of salsas and an ice-cold beer perfectly complement this typically Mexican fast-food that's always cooked to perfection at La Casa de Adobe Grill, located in the hotel zone of Ixtapa.


Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoLocated in the spectacular Marina Ixtapa, this cozy place welcomes its clients with modern and fresh decor, amiable service and with an especially phenomenal view of the calm movement of the elegant yachts in the Marina, gliding over the water. At Fisher's, tasty seafood can be enjoyed, always served in spectacular mouthwatering presentations. Lobster and shrimp are prepared in multiple ways, with the specialty of the house being the typical fish strips of Zihuatanejo (cooked with lime juice). Fresh tropical cocktails are normally accompanied by a bottle of wine from the cellar and can make any lunch or dinner an unforgettable event.

El Galeon

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoThis is a one of a kind restaurant in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo known for its excellent service and what makes it especially attractive is the fact that this restaurant is located in an elegant wooden ship, stranded in Marina Ixtapa. For its decor, El Galeon has a real rudder and many other sea-faring articles that give the restaurant a touch of authenticity to what a real old galleon is like. Succulent plates are served "on board," in generous portions that bring to life cravings with just a glance, such as juicy steaks, pasta, and seafood specialties. Try the succulent lobster tails, prawns, mussels and tasty fillets of tuna fish that, along with the particular ambience of this restaurant/ship and the beautiful view of the Marina, will make for an excellent evening.


Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoDining in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is perfectly enjoyable at this popular, roomy restaurant that offers ample meat and seafood dishes attractively presented. It also serves paella and the local specialty, "tiritas de pescado" (little strips of marinated fish). In the evenings, trios often serenade diners.


Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoLocated above Playa La Madera, this hidden jewel of a restaurant combines the romantic surroundings of Zihuatanejo's Bay with the outstanding talents of one of Mexico's finest chefs. Dine upstairs under the open sky for the romantic sunsets and starry nights. During the day, enjoy the shaded downstairs terrace with its spectacular bay and town view.

La Malinche

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoLocated in the pedestrian shopping area of Ixtapa, in front of the town's hotel strip, you'll find this charming restaurant that seems as if it was taken from a typical Mexican town. Beautifully decorated and with vibrant colors, La Malinche invites clients to try traditional homemade recipes that taste "like they just came out of grandma's kitchen". Carefully prepared specialties, such as Chiles en Nogada or Cochinita Pibil, created using only the freshest, most authentic ingredients from Mexico, delight everyone's palate at La Malinche.

Mulege Bistro Lounge

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoMulege Bistro Lounge is a restaurant that invites all those passerbys on the Ixtapa commercial walkways to come in for the friendliness of its staff, the coziness of this bistro lounge with contemporary decor and for its varied menu that caters to all tastes. Both innovative and classic dishes are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best time to visit is at night because, aside of being a good restaurant, this has become the favorite meeting place to hang out and drink Margaritas, Daiquiris or beer. If you're looking to party till the break of dawn, try the house specialty, "Mulege shots" so that you can party all night long.

Villa de La Selva

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoClinging to the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, this elegant restaurant offers the most spectacular sea and sunset views in Ixtapa. The cuisine is delicious and classically rich. We recommend the Filet Villa de la Selva, which is red snapper topped with shrimp and hollandaise sauce.

Zihua Pancake House

Restaurants in Ixtapa ZihuatanejoIn the walkways of downtown Zihuatanejo, this cozy place with comfortable chairs and colorful decor serves delicious breakfasts that can cheer anyone up and start the day right. Zihua Pancake House is a small restaurant with an absolutely worry-free atmosphere, frequented by locals and tourists. Enjoy the best combinations for breakfast: aromatic coffee, omelets, sandwiches, fruit juices or shakes. For those who like to wake up with something a bit stronger than usual, try a mimosa. Don't leave without trying the waffles and pancakes, definitely the main attraction at the Zihua Pancake House.

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