Guaymas San Carlos, Mexico

Shopping in Guaymas San Carlos, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Guaymas San Carlos

In the Guaymas San Carlos area, there are no large shopping centers, save for a few department stores. There are, however, dozens of small businesses that can be found in the center of Guaymas and on Beltrones Boulevard in San Carlos. The municipal market, founded in 1900, offers a great experience for the adventurous in search of purely local curiosities.

Among the mementos that you can take home, you can find a variety of beautiful handicrafts made by the Seri and the Yaqui. There are many handicrafts, among which the most popular are figurines carved from "palo fierro" (a fine wood from the Sonoran desert), colorful necklaces and bracelets (made out of conch shells, sea shells and desert seeds), stone figures of the flora and fauna of Sonora, figurines made out of palo blanco wood, wood fiber basketry, as well as small Yaqui dolls and masks.

There are lots of specialty stores in San Carlos that sell an excellent selection of handicrafts from all over Mexico. Among the many interesting items on offer, you'll be able to find alebrijes (mythological animals), masks, onyx figures, dolls, jewelry, glasswork, and a whole lot more.

Another good gift is a bottle of bacanora, a typical liquor from Sonora that was given a Protected Designation of Origen (PDO) in 2000, recognizing the state of Sonora as the only place that can produce this beverage. It is a crystal clear liquor made of 100% agave and is very similar to tequila or mezcal.

Galeria Bellas Artes

At Galeria Bellas Artes you'll find a unique selection of jewels, glasswork, bronze, wood, and stone sculptures, along with oil paintings, and watercolors made by local and international artists. Visit this small ocean front building, located on Beltrones Boulevard and pick yourself up a really unique souvenir.


Shopping in Guaymas San CarlosKiamy's offers a great selection of Mexican handicrafts, shirts, beautifully carved figures in palo fierro, jewelry and pieces of silver, among other items. Even though this store is small, you're sure to find the perfect gift. It is located on Beltrones Boulevard in San Carlos.

Lourdes Gift Shop

Shopping in Guaymas San CarlosThis is a small shop with a good variety of gifts and excellent prices. You'll find an excellent selection of earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces made of different materials, figurines carved out of wood and clay handicrafts made by local artists, among many other things. This shop can be found in Plaza Los Jitos in San Carlos.

Pearls from the Sea of Cortez

Shopping in Guaymas San CarlosAnother excellent yet unique memento that isn't the cheapest item you can get in Guaymas San Carlos are cultured pearls. The only pearl farm in the Americas is located here, cultivating the Sea of Cortez Pearl. After a period of two years, these beautiful pieces can reach a thickness of 0.8 to 2 millimeters, asymmetrical in shape, round and in naturally occurring colors like white, silver, bronze to black, with a green, purple, blue, gold or violet sheen.

Plaza Ley El Vigia

Located near downtown Guaymas, this strip mall has several stores selling a variety of items, ranging from clothing and jewelry to electronics and food.


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