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Shopping in Guadalajara, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Guadalajara

The modern section of the city offers an excellent selection of stores where the visitor can find a great variety of clothing, footwear, accessories and gifts: a virtual shopper's paradise. This is a city with all the services available to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

GuadalajaraIn recent years, there has been an increase in specialized malls. These include the footwear malls, Galeria del Calzado and Forum del Calzado and several malls that specialize in jewelry, among which include Centros Joyeros Republica, the WTC and Galeria Joyera.

vacaciones en GuadalajaraThe best way to shop for traditional handcrafts is to go to markets, "tianguis" (street markets) and handicraft centers. Mixing with the local people is really one of the best ways to get to know the local traditions and should you be looking to barter) the way that crafts are bought and sold. The Libertad Market, also known as San Juan de Dios, is an excellent place to buy traditional crafts and regional sweets.

Corona Market sells a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and flowers. Tonala and Tlaquepaque are the best places for finding handmade products, both decorative items for the home and works of art.

Shopping Malls

Guadalajara has become a city with modern shopping malls that satisfy the needs of both locals and tourists. There is a variety of large shopping malls in the city. The largest and oldest is Plaza del Sol, followed by Plaza Patria, Plaza Mexico, Gran Plaza, Centro Magno y Plaza Pabellon. When you go shopping in any of these plazas, you will find department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, bars and a whole range of boutiques and chain stores waiting for you.

Galeria del Calzado


For people who love to shop, especially for shoes, Guadalajara is going to be the place of your dreams. During your visit to this beautiful city take the time to get to know Galería del Calzado, a wonderful mall dedicated entirely to shoes. With a good variety of stores and excellent facilities, Galería del Calzado is the perfect place to spend a fun afternoon shopping.

La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall

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This huge three story building is home to many stores that sell just about anything you can imagine including books, shoes, the most fashionable brands, home accessories, sports wear, and gifts. With a spacious parking lot, multiplex movie theaters and a food court that offers from fast food to international and specialty restaurants, La Gran Plaza is a great choice for shopping in Guadalajara.Instituto de Artesanas Jaliscienses

Run by the state government, this store has a wide selection of the exquisite blown glass and hand-glazed pottery typical of Jalisco artisans. There are also fine crafts from other parts of Mexico. Everything is sold at fixed prices.

Plaza Galerias


This is one of the newest and also one of the largest shopping centers in Guadalajara. It has modern facilities and a fine variety of boutiques, stores, perfumeries and department stores where the most prestigious international brands are sold. This mall also features multiplex movie theaters, a food court and a space for temporary art exhibitions.

Libertad Market

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Also known as the San Juan de Dios Market, the Libertad Market is one of Latin America's largest enclosed markets. Within a three square-block area you can browse through more than 1,000 privately owned stalls selling everything from clothing and crafts to live animals and gold watches.



Tlaquepaque, located a few miles outside of Guadalajara proper is one of the world's greatest shopping experiences.  To fully appreciate Tlaquepaque you need at least a full day, possibly more.  People from all over Mexico come to shop in Tlaquepaque when they are building new homes or remodeling. Tlaquepaque is also a place where many interior designers from all over the world, who want to decorate homes, restaurants, hotels, etc., and give it a bit of Mexican flavor, do a lot of their shopping for their projects here.

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