Guadalajara, Mexico

Restaurants in Guadalajara

Restaurants in Guadalajara

Jalisco is one of the Mexican states that has contributed the most to the national cuisine. The region's geographical and climatic conditions are well suited to agriculture and livestock production. Consequently, there has always been a large variety of products to use in the creation of delicious recipes. The typical Jalisco cuisine goes back to the Colonial era, when there was a fusion of pre-Hispanic and European cuisines.

In Guadalajara, this fusion of flavors is reflected in a remarkably large choice of restaurants. Among them are first-class restaurants with specialists in the state cuisine that prepare traditional dishes like "manchamanteles" (pronounced "man-cha-man-tel es" which means "tablecloth stainers"), beef tongue in "pipian" sauce (depending on the recipe, made with a base of green or red tomatoes and chili peppers "ancho") "adobado" (meat based with a condiment-laden tomato sauce) style loin and the traditional mutton soup "birria".

Dining in a picturesque "fonda" (a luncheonette that usually serves a soup, rice/pasta/salad and a main dish for a very reasonable price) will give you the chance to try tapatia (the word used for a Guadalajara local)-style red "pozole" (soup made with hominy and pork or chicken). In any corner of the city, you can find the local specialty of meat-filled sandwiches called "tortas ahogadas," so named because they are "drowned" in a spicy sauce.

GuadalajaraThere is nothing better than a sweet dessert after a hearty meal. For those with a sweet tooth there is an assortment of typical treats such as bayberry preserves, caramel jelly, and Jericalla, a custard-like dessert that is made with milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract baked in a bain-marie. Jericalla is served almost everywhere, from fancy restaurants to diners, and even in grocery stores.

vacaciones en GuadalajaraSome of the oldest beverages in Mexico are 'escamochas' (fruit punch), 'tepache' (fermented pineapple bark), the world-famous 'tequila', and 'tejuino', a traditional Huichol Indian beverage from Northwestern Mexico. Made with corn and sweetened with sugarcane juice, Tejuino is a refreshing beverage is served with a scoop of lemon sherbet, popular in Guadalajara, and can be found on street stands throughout the city.

The complexity of the local fare has its complement in the virtues of international cuisine. In Guadalajara, there are restaurants specializing in dishes from around the world. Even the most demanding connoisseur will find plenty to please his palate in dishes prepared by highly-trained chefs. The pleasure of dining in Guadalajara is a very good reason to come back for more.

Birrieria Las 9 Esquinas


At Birrieria Las 9 Esquinas, you can try a delicious meat stew made with goat shanks and seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices called 'birria', a real cultural and culinary experience. The restaurant's decor, friendly service and convenient location in the main square, make this a great place to dine and enhance your Mexican experience in this traditional city, also known as 'La Perla Tapatia'.

Casa Bariachi


Expect waiters and diners to sing along with the mariachi bands at this stately restaurant. The menu specializes in steak and doesn't close until 3:00 am. The bar by the same name also stays open till late.


vacaciones en Guadalajara

A beautiful old house in the heart of Guadalajara is the setting for "Chai", which offers an interesting combination of elements including excellent coffee and a variety of reading material. This spacious restaurant with high ceilings serves an assortment of fresh salads, sandwiches and subs, among other tasty dishes, all delicious and at very reasonable prices. It has wireless internet access, valet parking, and an inviting terrace to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or chai tea and the cool evening breeze. The restaurant also has a fantastic art exhibition permanently on display.

Karne Garibaldi


This Tapatio (meaning "from Guadalajara proper") restaurant made the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records for world's fastest service: 13.5 seconds for a table of six. Lightning service is made possible by the menu's single item: "carne en su jugo", a combination of finely diced beef and bacon simmered in rich beef broth and served with grilled onions, tortillas and refried beans mixed with corn.

La Casa de los Pancakes


The quality of the food and the atmosphere of this place have conquered the taste of local patrons and tourist visitors alike. And if you have kids, the more the merrier! We have a special playground paradise especially for them! An elegant and traditionally Mexican house, its charming decor is accented by flower motifs, providing a cozy and relaxing ambience. Take part in this culinary delight!

La Destilera

If you can't make it to the village of Tequila, here's the next best thing: a friendly restaurant/tequila museum that serves appetizing Mexican food and over 220 varieties of this famously fiery liquor. On the brick walls, antique photos of tequila distilleries and bilingual plaques explain the long and interesting history of tequila.


vacaciones en Guadalajara

Located in an affluent part of the city, Nude Restaurant Bar stands out for its eclectic blend of gourmet dining and trendy decor. Indulge and savor the incredible fusion cuisine created by the renowned chef, and immerse yourself in the very cosmopolitan atmosphere of Nude.

Santo Coyote

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Guadalajara is Santo Coyote. Set within lush manicured gardens and decorated with fine pieces of art, this incredible establishment has an extensive menu of tantalizing contemporary Mexican cuisine. Many of their recipes are unique to the restaurant and have been perfected over time, including the Moctezuma steak, served with mushrooms, huitlacoche and melted cheese, and the jumbo shrimp 'cachanilla' seasoned with dry chili pepper and garlic. Adjacent to the restaurant is their bar, Santo Cachorro, the atmosphere is lively, the locals friendly, and the decor gives you the feeling of stepping back in time to a Mexico of yesteryear; a guaranteed great evening out.

Tortas Ahogadas El Guero


At El Guero tradition and spicy flavors are the key ingredients of these typical Guadalajaran "tortas ahogadas". Located downtown on Madero Street, at El Guero you can sample an authentic torta ahogada or medio ahogada, depending on your preference for hot or extremely hot sauce; they also serve taquitos dorados and icy cold beer. Forty years of experience and excellent service back up this traditional place, a must when visiting Guadalajara.

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