Culiacan, Mexico

Shopping in Culiacan, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Culiacan

Culiacan is a great place to go shopping, with options ranging from small, traditional stores to large malls with prestigious boutiques offering the latest in fashion.

Handicrafts in CuliacanThe handicrafts created in the state of Sinaloa are famous worldwide for their high quality. You can find beautiful woven baskets, pottery and leather items displayed in the many galleries and handicraft shops of Culiacan.

In the malls and commercial plazas of Culiacan there are also a lot of entertainment options available, such as movie theaters, bowling alleys and video arcades. Shopping in Culiacan really is a fantastic experience!

Mercado Garmendia

Markets in CuliacanA visit to the colorful markets of Culiacan, such as Garmendia Market, an architectural jewel in itself, is like an open window to the culture of the community. Here you will find the most unique items ranging from handicrafts, clothes and footwear to delicious traditional food. This will definitely be an experience to remember.

Plaza Comercial Forum

Shopping Malls in CuliacanIn the newest part of the city, Plaza Comercial Forum is considered one of the most beautiful and important buildings in the state of Sinaloa. In fact, this shopping mall helps make Culiacan one of the 15 most important metropolitan areas in the whole of Mexico. At the Plaza's main entrance, an imposing fountain 12 meters high and covered with a Venetian mosaic welcomes the visitors, while outdoors extensive gardens provide beautiful scenery and fresh air for a relaxing walk. Inside the mall, fine stores display the latest trends in fashion.


Shopping in CuliacanCocomex is the first crocodile farm established in northwest Mexico and it is considered the largest and most modern farm of its kind in the country. Cocomex is dedicated to breeding crocodiles and the sale of products, including decorative items and leather goods such as purses, belts and wallets. You can also buy crocodile meat, an exotic dish with less fat and cholesterol than chicken, as well as crocodile oil, a strong protection against respiratory diseases. But if what you want is to keep a ''living'' memory of Culiacan and the Cocomex farm, you can buy a small crocodile as a pet. Along with the animal, you will receive all the documentation and permits that prove that the crocodile comes from a legally established farm.

If you visit the farm, which is located less than 13 miles from Culiacan, between October and April you will have the opportunity to take a guided tour around the facilities and learn more about the crocodile's life and the activities carried out in the farm. Cocomex has over 25,000 crocodiles bred in captivity, in a setting that simulates their natural environment. An annual percentage of the crocodiles are sent to areas in the world where they are endangered, thus helping contribute to the conservation of the species.

Plaza Cinepolis

Plazas in CuliacanPlaza Cinepolis is a modern shopping mall with excellent recreational options for families. Although it is relatively small it has everything you need for a great day out. You can dine in wonderful restaurants, shop for luxurious brands in the many boutiques or see a movie in the state of the art theaters. If you are traveling with kids, Plaza Cinepolis has videogames and other entertainment activities, ensuring everyone has a great time.

Plaza Culiacan

This traditional shopping mall features a supermarket, a multiplex movie theater, banks and many clothing and shoe stores, thus it is one of the favorite shopping malls of the locals. Plaza Culiacan also has delicious regional dining options, so you can try traditional specialties and enjoy a truly ''Mexican'' atmosphere.

La tienda de Tomito

Shops in CuliacanLocated in the Science Center of Sinaloa, La Tiendita de Tomito is an interesting store that helps improve the quality of education in the city by offering didactic toys for kids and educational tools for teachers, parents and students. You can also buy charming souvenirs relating to the amazing world of science and technology.


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