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Attractions in Culiacan, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Culiacan Attractions

Due to the active economy of the city and the numerous investing opportunities it offers, the majority of the people who visit Culiacan travel on business, either to participate in a meeting, in search of commercial partners or to sign contracts. For that reason, the city features excellent hotels for business travelers and executives. Most hotels in the city feature function rooms, business centers and guestrooms that can function as an office.

However, the beauty of the city and its surroundings is a worthwhile attraction for all who visit Culiacan. After a productive meeting with the friendly people of Culiacan, take a look around and visit the most important attractions and points of interest in the city.

Culiacan CityA few minutes from Culiacan, there are beautiful sandy beaches, while the surroundings of the city feature several ecotourist attractions. In downtown Culiacan, admire beautiful colonial architecture, with traditional buildings, galleries, theaters and art academies, especially in the historic center, where most constructions maintain their original architectonic style.

Traveling to Culiacan, discover a clean, tranquil city with a hospitable atmosphere that welcomes you warmly and provides you with a relaxing, comfortable stay. Once you have been to Culiacan, you will surely want to come back!

Culiacan Cathedral

Culiacan CathedralThe cathedral's construction began in 1842, but it wasn't completed until 1885. This enormous structure exhibits an eclectic style, including both neoclassic and baroque features. A statue of Saint Michael the Archangel stands above the clock on the beautiful crest of the main facade. This Cathedral, located beside the Main Square, is the city's most important religious building.

Genaro Estrada Cultural Center

Culture in CuliacanIn the mid 1960's, the state created this center to promote cultural activities such as dance, cinema and literature. It houses a colossal theater, which boasts the most advanced technical equipment in Mexico and is used by several theater, dance and musical companies from all over the country. This Center is also home to an art school, a huge library, a movie theater, a gallery that includes Diego Rivera murals and an open-air performance space.

Science Center of Sinaloa

Science in CuliacanThe Science Center of Sinaloa, in Culiacan, allows you to discover many different roads that lead to technological and scientific knowledge. It offers an adventure full of surprises, where you can find fascinating answers to the most interesting questions. Enjoy the experience of seeing, hearing, touching, experimenting, discussing, and questioning as well as interacting with technology. Here you can find the fifth biggest meteorite in the world, learn to read the time on an equatorial sundial, take an imaginary trip to the stars in the planetarium or be amazed by a giant whale skeleton. Inside the Science Center of Sinaloa, visit the regular library as well as the video library. Browse through the gift shop and eat at the charming restaurant that offers delicious breakfasts, lunches and desserts. Get ready to discover the amazing world of science and technology!

Guadalupe Sanctuary

Church in CuliacanThe Guadalupe Sanctuary Temple, best known as "La Lomita," was built in the 19th century but it was remodeled about the middle of the 20th century to become the great edifice we know today. The temple's interior is adorned with five beautiful stained glass windows featuring images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. From the temple's handrails, you will be able to behold a magnificent view of Culiacan, a postcard image to keep in your memory.

Sinaloa Art Museum

Art in CuliacanBuilt in Culiacan in the early 19th century, this property was originally the City Hall and later became the city's police department. This neoclassic building was restored in 1991 and then transformed into an outstanding art museum that exhibits works by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, Atanasio Vargas, Gerardo Murillo "Dr. Atl", Francisco Toledo and Rufino Tamayo, among others.

Nuevo Altata

Culiacan AttractionsNuevo Altata is a recently developed tourist destination located about 40 minutes from Culiacan, on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. With more than 20 kilometers of beautiful beaches, Nuevo Altata is a world-class resort where you can enjoy a perfect day of leisure, rest, fun and revel in delicious dishes. Here you can find an excellent beach club, restaurant, swimming pools, water sports, and recreational activities for both kids and adults.


Hunting in CuliacanIn recent years, the city has experienced a boom in hunting tourism, now being an internationally renowned destination for the hunting of duck, quail and dove.

The hunting season in Culiacan goes from November to the first weeks of March. Not far from the city, you can find excellent hunting clubs like Patolandia and La Pichiguila, which offer first-class services to hunters from Mexico and around the world. The natural beauty of the region allows the fans of this sport to enjoy an exclusive hunting experience, in an atmosphere that would please even the most discerning hunter.

Imala-Sanalona Ecotourist Corridor

Located about 20 minutes from Culiacan, Imala is a small town famous for an area with hot springs, regional dining options and a spa that offers several relaxing treatments. Due to its location near the city and its family atmosphere, it is an excellent choice for spending time in a natural setting. Since it is located near the Sanalona Dam, it is easy to go fishing or enjoy a peaceful boat ride here. The Imala-Sanalona Ecotourist Corridor is, in short, a perfect option to enjoy a picnic in the surrounding area of Culiacan.

Botanical Garden

Culiacan AttractionsThis is one of the attractions you can not miss out on while in Culiacan. The Botanical Garden features a large selection of plants of all kinds so you can take a stroll around the lush greenery, breathing pure air and enjoying a relaxing moment in a place full of life and magic. Due to its extensive variety of species, the Botanical Garden of Culiacan is one of the most important of its kind in the country, featuring plant life from almost every corner of Mexico. You can find some extraordinary flora, such as the "walking" tree, the "bleeding" plant and other exotic species from different climates, from the rainforest to the desert. The garden also offers different kinds of guided tours, so you can become acquainted with the flora living in this 25-acre garden.

City Zoo

The Zoo of Culiacan is a fascinating attraction for all the people visiting the city, specially the little ones. There is a great variety of animals here, including some endangered species. There are also guided tours available and a charming child-sized
train as well as a soda fountain and other services. The Zoo is located within an enormous park called Constitucion Civic Center, where there are several recreational options, including a museum, an amphitheater, swimming pools and sports center.

Parks of Culiacan

Culiacan AttractionsCuliacan features a large number of parks and green areas that are perfect for tourists and locals to spend a relaxing time. Some of these parks are very large, such as the Parque Ernesto Millan Escalante, also known as Culiacan 87. This park offers countless activities and services within its facilities, including swimming pools, gardens, sports center, amusement park rides and an artificial lake where you can enjoy a boat ride. This recreational area also has a huge water slide considered the longest in northern Mexico, as well as an outdoor theater. Other parks you can visit in the city include the Parque Revolucion and the Constitucion Civic Center, which houses the city zoo. With a great number of activities and recreational facilities, the parks of Culiacan are a fun choice for kids and a relaxing getaway for adults.

Water Parks

Water Parks in CuliacanA few minutes from the city you can find oases to spend a wonderful time either alone or accompanied. Since Culiacan features hot weather and sunny, cloudless skies during most of the year, the city has excellent water parks in its surrounding areas, just a few minutes from the urban area. These parks offer swimming pools with water slides, playgrounds, green areas, gardens to hold events, eating facilities and gift shops, everything surrounded by lush, beautiful greenery. During your visit to Culiacan, the water parks of the city are a refreshing option to have fun, especially when traveling with kids.

Tram Rides

Culiacan AttractionsNext to the Cathedral, on several occasions during the day and even during part of the night, you can enjoy an entertaining city tour on a traditional vehicle that visits the most representative tourist attractions in Culiacan. During the tour, you will receive interesting explanations about different places, events, and dates as well as important facts about the city. Enjoying a tour around the city is a fun, special way to see more of the tourist attractions of Culiacan.

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