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Located in northwest Mexico, Culiacan is the capital city of the state of Sinaloa. Boasting a fertile land and a fast-growing economy, due mainly to its successful agriculture and its dynamic commercial lifestyle, the city blends perfectly the provincial atmosphere with the modern comforts of present day life.


CuliacanAs the capital of the state that is also known as "the granary of Mexico" for its agricultural production, Culiacan is considered the commercial, political, and social center of the state. The city is bathed by three rivers, two of which are the Humaya and the Tamazula, meet within the urban area and form the Culiacan River. With well irrigated lands, it is not surprising that Culiacan is so fertile. Its privileged location in the center of Sinaloa gives it the advantage of being almost equidistant from two of the most important urban centers in the state: Los Mochis to the north and Mazatlan to the south.

Rivers in CuliacanCuliacan's hydrological richness is administered by way important dams such as the Adolfo Lopez Mateos and the Sanalona, which is also a recreational spot for fishing and other relaxing activities. The city also has, as a distinctive feature, an active cultural and artistic lifestyle, with numerous museums, theaters and concert halls.

Featuring a past that dates back to the indigenous groups that inhabited the region from pre-Columbian times, the city presents an outstanding ethnic diversity due to the variety of foreign groups that arrived to the state after the Colonial period. There is an evident and truly remarkable influence of these groups in local cuisine and the arts.

Historic buildings in Culiacan Although the first phases of the foundation of the city date back to the 16th century, after the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico, Culiacan began to acquire its urban character in 1823, when by decree it was granted the status of city and was made the capital of Sinaloa. Architecturally, most of the monumental buildings were constructed between 1890 and 1911. However, some of the old colonial structures still exist and are very well preserved, thus being a popular attraction for tourists and locals.

Traditions in CuliacanThe exceptional warmth of the "Culichi" (as the locals like to be called) becomes evident in the numerous festivities and celebrations that take place in the city, including age-old traditions and typical dances accompanied by the "tambora", the most representative rhythm of the local folklore.

Fertile and Industrial Land

Agriculture in CuliacanThe city is situated in the heart of a highly productive and prosperous agricultural area that is known worldwide for its rich valley. This is why agriculture plays a fundamental role in Culiacan's economy. Since the construction of a strong hydraulic infrastructure, the city created a bond with international markets through the export of tomato, pumpkin, chili, cucumber, potato, melon, watermelon and mango. The city also supplies the national market with sugar and grains, like beans and corn.

Industry in CuliacanThe climate of the city is mainly hot with a high level of humidity, especially during summer, thus featuring a perfect temperature for agriculture. Likewise, there is a growing manufacturing industry in Culiacan, with food production as well as several textile-manufacturing plants and bottling factories. Fishing and livestock breeding are also important economic activities of the city.

Agriculture in CuliacanThe beauty of its territory and its surroundings are complemented by its abundant natural resources and the warm hospitality of the locals, which proudly state, ''in Culiacan, besides fruits and vegetables, we harvest smiles!"

Business-Oriented City
Malls in CuliacanThe city's commercial lifestyle becomes evident not only in its large number of shopping malls and supermarkets, but also in the volume of operations in the automotive market (in fact, Culiacan is one of the cities with more cars per capita in the world.)
A large number of companies, mainly national, have their headquarters in Culiacan, including restaurant chains, medical conglomerates, manufacturing companies, department stores, etc.

Expos in CuliacanFor the last several years, Culiacan has become an ideal venue for international groups and conventions. For that reason, the city features excellent logistic and promotional services that guarantee excellent organization and implementation for any kind of event. The city's fast, socioeconomic development makes it a paradise also for private enterprises to invest, becoming an ideal destination for vacationing and doing business.

Expos in CuliacanA myriad of national and international events are held in Culiacan, like expositions, conventions and fairs of every kind, including academic, sports, cultural, religious, commercial, scientific, artistic, philanthropic, etc. For example, the city holds annually an international expo on agricultural food activities, which is considered the foremost event of its kind in the world.

Whatever the reasons of your visit to Culiacan are, your stay will be so pleasant and successful that you are very likely to fall in love with this city and its people. Visit Culiacan and discover why it is said that here, doing business is a pleasure!
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