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On the Pacific coast, in a quaint and secluded place, you will find tranquility and the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, as well as all the luxury and comfort you have always wanted to have on your vacation. Enjoy the perfect balance of adventure, nature, luxury, comfort and serenity you will find in Costalegre.

During your Costalegre vacations, take part in as many of the sports and the water activities of your choice as you like. Its warm, tropical weather is perfect for enjoying its beautiful crystal water beaches, water sports, fishing or scuba diving. With hills and mountains as a backdrop, live ecotourism in the full extension of the word and get in touch with nature. At dusk, enjoy the gorgeous view of the sun as it sets over the Pacific Ocean.


Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto Vallarta

Costalegre is constituted by 5 coastal zones: Bahia de Navidad, Bahia Tenacatita, Costa Careyes, Bahia de Chamela and Costa Majahuas, each one with different architectural and geographic characteristics, combining to form a quaint region where you can enjoy a vacation in the company of nature. In Costalegre, there will always be something to do. Swim in the tranquil waters of the coves. Take a journey deep into the tropical jungle. Explore the mangroves. Get away from civilization and walk around the peaceful and unexplored beaches.

Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaIn this beautiful area, located in the south of Jalisco, you will find beautiful handicrafts made by the Huicholes and people of other ethnic groups that surround the zone. While visiting Costalegre, do not miss the chance to explore Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Cuastecomates, Tenacatita, El Tecuan, Chamela y Perula, all of them stunning, nearby towns, rich in culture.

A Lot to Discover

Get away from the hectic pace of the city and get in touch with nature in a way you never imagined. Find the hidden beauty of one of the most secluded places of Mexico. During your trip to Costalegre, enjoy the marvelous view of the emerald green waters of the Pacific Ocean, tropical virgin forests and mountains, land of the most beautiful panoramas you have ever seen.

Tropical virgin forest in Costalegre Puerto VallartaThe lush vegetation, bays, brooks, lagoons and mangroves are populated by exotic birds. The distinctive towns will take you to a pristine part of Mexico that has not been affected by time, still full of nature, culture and tradition.

Tropical virgin forest in Costalegre Puerto VallartaAt this marvelous tourist destination, you will find a wide variety of activities, such as golfing, camping, horse or bike riding, rappelling, playing polo, diving and zip lining among other activities. On your Costalegre vacations, there will always be an activity for you.

Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaDiscover all the contrasts that this coastal zone has for you. Choose among the exclusive and luxurious hotels of special category or, if you want to get in touch with nature, stay at the modest and rustic cabins with sand floors and thatched roofs.


Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaAmong the several activities you can practice in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, you will find sport fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking and the exciting speed of the Waverunners.

Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaThe golden sands and serene beaches of Costalegre are encompassed by cliffs and rocky edges that are constantly crushed by the waves of the Pacific, creating an amazing view, as if painted with living colors. Enjoy a walk on the beach while taking in these picturesque landscapes that can only be found in this magical place.

Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaTravel deep into the jungle, where you can find remote virgin beaches and enjoy a peaceful and quiet day. Experience a unique adventure that will help you forget the day-to-day stress that will make you fall in love with this marvelous destination. Lie down on the beach to work on your tan, take a dip in the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean. Feel the breeze caressing your face or just take a nap under the shade of the palm trees of the coast. Find everything Costalegre has to offer.

Bahia de Banderas in Costalegre Puerto VallartaWhen visiting Costalegre, do not forget to visit Barra de Navidad, Costa Careyes y Costa Majahuas, where you will find beautiful beaches of white sand and tranquil waves, contrasting with the mountains and the characteristic lush vegetation of the area. In Costalegre, there are many beaches to discover and adventures to be had. During your Costalegre vacations, you will surely find an activity to suit your taste and exceed your expectations!

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