Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Restaurants in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Ciudad Juarez Restaurants

Ciudad Juarez restaurants are not just ideal to spend a very pleasant afternoon with family, but they are also perfect to close important business deals. Elegant or casual restaurants, taverns, fast food places and street stands can be found throughout the city, all of them offering excellent quality food and service.

In Ciudad Juarez, many restaurants prepare authentic Mexican specialties. However, you will be able to find several places serving Japanese, Chinese, Italian, regional or international dishes. Every taste is catered for with an endless array of possibilities, which range from the mildest to the spiciest.

Los Arcos

Los Arcos Restaurant

Los Arcos is a chain of restaurants established more than 25 years ago, in Mazatlan. The dishes served here enhance the regional cuisine, prepared with fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality. This great restaurant is considered by its frequent costumers as the best seafood on the Mexican Pacific. Try some delicious frog's legs, fried mojarras, or succulent, fried fish skins.

Mision Guadalupe

Mision Guadalupe

Mision Guadalupe serves fine, contemporary Mexican dishes, with yesteryear aromas and tastes that evoke generations of tradition. The freshness of the ingredients, used to prepare each one of the specialties, makes this restaurant an excellent choice for dining in Ciudad Juarez. The creativity of the chef makes your palate travel through the different culinary styles of the country, achieving a unique and unparalleled taste sensation.

Maria Chuchena

Maria Chuchena

Maria Chuchena features an architectural design that emphasizes the origins of Mexican culture, providing the guests with the utmost in comfort and elegance. The different flavors and scents of Mexico are combined to offer unparalleled "Haute Cuisine", rescuing ancient traditional recipes and adapting them to new contemporary trends. A fusion of essences, that when blended, create a myriad of flavors that will fascinate even the most demanding palate.


Frida's Restaurant

A gorgeous restaurant created in memory of Frida Kahlo, where each one of the corners is decorated with her finest creations, among them her self-portraits. The decor alone is a delight for the senses and you will feel as if you were dining in the middle of an art gallery. The beautiful wooden framed menus offer from seafood specialties to typical Mexican dishes. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to listen to soft live music, which creates a pleasant bohemian atmosphere.

Viva Mexico

This is a picturesque, multicolored restaurant serving exquisite Mexican cuisine. Feel like you are in a little village, surrounded by rustic colonial houses, with lively Mexican colors, such as blues, pinks and greens, creating a festive atmosphere. Tall cast iron streetlamps, with yellow bulbs illuminate the place and colorful pinatas are hung from the ceiling to enhance your gastronomic experience.


Ajuua Restaurant

Shafts of multicolored light pass through the clear stained glass windows that embellish this Mexican restaurant. Diverse images representing bullfights, the colonization of the land, the evangelization of the natives, beautiful folkloric dances, and the famous "escaramuzas" (a majestic equestrian ballet), are part of the refined decoration. Try the delicious buffet or the a la carte meals of this great place.

San Martin

San Martin Canteen

Wooden doors, tile roofs, forged iron ornaments and stone details are awaiting you, offering the most elegant dining in Ciudad Juarez. This traditional cantina, designed like an old Spanish hacienda, serves the best national cocktails and delicious regional hors d'oeuvres. Try a juicy steak or a succulent "Chamorro", accompanied by your partners or coworkers. On the giant screen, movies of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema are projected, creating a classic atmosphere. Amusing table games guarantee a fun evening.

Taika Sushi Bar

Taika Sushi Bar

Taika is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Ciudad Juarez, located in the Radisson Casa Grande hotel. It offers great service and excellent dishes that will satisfy the most demanding palate and the perfect place to close those important business deals. Beautiful paper lamps, oriental fans and bamboo plants create a balanced atmosphere. Try the Sashimi, a delicious Tamaki, or a crispy Tempura dish.


Shangri-La Restaurant

Savor the exquisite almond Duck, some pork ribs or a delicious "Tausse" (shrimp with lobster dressing). Shangri-La will serve you an elegant dinner, in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. From the moment that you step inside this Cantonese restaurant, it will be impossible not to be impressed by the sophisticated decoration. This restaurant has more than 4 decades of experience and guarantees world-class dishes and excellent service.

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