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Restaurants in Chetumal, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Chetumal restaurants

The cuisine in Chetumal is a mixture of influences from the Yucatecan and Belizian people, with the most traditional being beans and rice. It's a dish that is normally friend in coco oil and accompanied with fried bananas, beans and your choice of meat being either chicken or fish. There is also the meat pie, which is normally a small spicy ground beef dish.

The Yucatan's personal stamp is also seen in the bean tamal made in Chetumal popularly known as the "xpelon", "brazo de reina" (a type of roll sponge cake) which is also called "sotobichay" by the locals. In the town festivities, they prepare special dishes for the occasion such as "mucbi pollos" for All Soul's Day and fruit cake for Christmas.

There are also the dishes made with seafood such as dogfish buns or fillet a la "tikinxic" or try the snails, a specialty from the towns of Calderitas and Bacalar.

Desserts are last but definitely not least so try a "machacado", liquefied fresh fruit with condensed milk and cinnamon. Or if you prefer, on a hot day, try a green mango and cured plums with salt and Habanero sauce. Don't forget to order an ice-cold local beer to round off your meal.


Dining in Chetumal

Come and enjoy the best dishes of a truly countryside atmosphere. Split between family or friends a delicious "Tablita Grill" which consists of tender cuts of beef, pork, pastor meat (normally pork basted with a sauce and cooked on a stake in front of an open fire), chorizo (pork sausage), roasted Cambray onions, guacamole, a succulent roast potato, cheese fondue and delicious charro beans (a kind of barbecue bean prepared usually with bacon). Ask about the wide variety of drinks and cocktails served.

Las Arracheras de Don Jose

Chetumal restaurants

Enjoy the best arracheras (a cut of tenderized beef) in the region as well as good service. Ask for one taco or a whole order and try them with the homemade salsa. It is ideally located on the seawall, facing Chetumal Bay.


Dining in Chetumal

Manahuana is an open air restaurant bar where you can have an arrachera taco or a variety of dishes such as gringas or nachos. An ice-cold beer would be an ideal accompaniment to your meal in this very laid-back environment. The quality and the unbeatable service of the Manahuana personnel has made this restaurant the preferred locale of the Chetumalans.

Sergio's Pizzas

Chetumal RestaurantsWithout a doubt, Sergio's Pizzas is one of the most typical restaurants of the city. Its cuisine is a mixture of Italian and Mediterranean and has dishes for even the most difficult to please. Pizzas are the specialty of the house.

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