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Cancun is the ideal place to enjoy sun and beach, an extensive array of shopping opportunities and its renowned nightlife. Cancun also is the optimal starting point for you to explore coral reefs, jungles and archaeological sites of the old Mayan world.


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If you are searching for calm, peaceful days to enjoy the sun and the sand, the indigo seas, romantic Caribbean nights, world class hotels, restaurants and nightlife, you are thinking about Cancun vacations!

Old CancunA little more than twenty years ago, Cancun was the Mayan name of a little town located on a stretch of sun-drenched land on the northeastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Now it has become a resort where you can keep busy 24 hours a day with all the activities and tours available but still relax to your heart's content.

Cancun at NightOn your Cancun vacations, you can choose a pace and lifestyle to suit any frame of mind, from ultra chic to funky laidback beach bum. Cancun is a resort for everybody, from college students on a strict budget to the rich and famous from all over the world. The city caters to all who visit and anyone who hasn't been should experience what this city is all about.

Cancun is definitely Mexico's showcase resort. Few resorts in the world have the infrastructure and amenities that were built intoCancun from the beginning, which is one of the reasons why Cancun is Mexico's most popular vacation spot.

Cancun's Beaches

Cancun's Beaches

The beaches are probably one of the main reasons for your visit. The powdery, incredibly white sand of the Caribbean lines all of the beaches in Cancun. The water of the Caribbean Sea is unusually warm with incredibly blue water and, most of the times, is very calm. Take a look at any beach, at almost any time of the day and you will see people enjoying the calming effects of the ocean waves.

Topless bathing is an activity that is quietly accepted in Cancun and many of the surrounding areas along the Mayan Rivera. Total nudity is rare (as well as illegal), especially on the major beaches.

Hotel Zone

Cancun Hotel Zone

The Hotel Zone is the area of Cancun where it all comes together for most visitors. Hotels and beachfront condominiums that line the beaches serve as the nearly uninterrupted backdrop of this stretch of incredible Caribbean coastline.

Hotel ZoneKukulcan Boulevard is the main thoroughfare along this stretch and it's a name that you will become familiar with as you travel around Cancun. On the inland side of Cancun lies Laguna Nichupte, a vast lagoon that serves as home to numerous marinas, waterfront restaurants, shopping malls, a couple of golf courses, a few islands, inlets and some fantastic sunsets. There is an area near the center of all this which is known as the Party Zone which is home to many of the areas nightclubs and discos. The very same area is also home to some of Cancun's better restaurants and upper-end shopping malls.

Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun is a pleasant zone with some great restaurants, modern shopping facilities and it's an alternative diversion to all of glitz that surrounds the tourist zone. Prices are a lot more reasonable and your wallet will certainly appreciate your visit Downtown.

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