Campinas, Brazil

Discotheques in Campinas, Brazil, Bars in Campinas, Nightlife in Campinas

Nightlife in Campinas, Brazil

After a long day of exploring the attractions in and around Campinas, and watching the beautiful sunset over this green city, you'll find it impossible to turn down a tempting invitation to discover the bars and nightclubs in the area. With many different types of music and ambiances, you can easily find the perfect spot for a night out. This city has everything from cozy bohemian bars to the most extravagant and luxurious nightclubs with great DJs and live music.

Zin Bar

Zin Bar, Campinas

In 2004, the old Zin Bar was still going strong in the Shopping Jaragua mall, but over time and thanks to its loyal customers, this bar needed more space. Now, with a capacity for 400 people, Zin Bar features the best Happy Hour in the city. The music here is predominantly jazz, rock and Brazilian pop.

Ponto 1

Ponto 1, Campinas

This is one of the city's most traditional bars. Its decor has been mostly paid for by its customers, who often donate personal items to adorn the space, including an impressive 500-piece beer can selection. This bar has earned its place as a popular favorite among locals by serving more than 25 different Brazilian and imported beers, always served ice-cold. Ponto 1 offers live music and an ideal ambiance for hanging out with friends.

Cafezal em Flor

Cafezal em Flor

Forquite a few years, this charming bar has been recognized by its customers as the best place for a date. Its romantic atmosphere features candlelight, soft music, and an intimate ambiance divided into various rooms so that couples can have more privacy to talk, enjoy dinner or simply try some delicious drinks. The dishes and snacks are prepared in a wood-fired oven, and most are served for two.

Liv Club

Liv Club, Campinas

The main attractions at Liv Club are without a doubt its glamorous style and unique architecture. Following the trends of the hottest nightclubs in Miami and Saint Tropez, Liv Club has 15 VIP areas for groups looking for a more private atmosphere. With a capacity for more than 1,500 people every night, Liv Club is one of the hottest spots in the city of Campinas.


Astor, Campinas

Considered the best "After Hours" spot in Campinas, Astor recreates the ambiance of its famous original bar, located in Sao Paulo. With brick floors, mirrored columns, wood bars and red barstools, this locale will take you back to the 1950s. It also has a pool table, a big screen TV and a pleasant outdoor terrace, offering the perfect relaxed atmosphere to end the evening. At the time of night when many bars are closing their doors, Astor knows that nobody goes home until they've had their last beer, staying open until early in the morning.

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