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Restaurants in Campeche, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Campeche Restaurants

Campeche's gastronomic style is perfectly defined by the deeply-rooted customs derived from the delightful mixture of a pre Hispanic culture with the best Caribbean tastes. Maya cooking was already quite diverse by itself; however, it was enriched with the influence of the Spanish conquerors, who added new exquisite flavors to the regional cuisine. Over the years, the pirate invasions added as well a great variety of new aromas and preparation methods resulting on what today is the state's typical cuisine.

The people in Campeche almost instinctively know how to prepare exquisite dishes using always the best ingredients and presenting them on the table in an elegant and irresistible way. Throughout the state of Campeche you will find the best quality of seafood, succulent steaks, exotic fruit and vegetables that serve as the perfect complement for the regional dishes. Allow your senses to be indulged in a wide range of tempting smells, pamper your palate with delectable dishes that will not just satisfy your taste but also will share with you, the fabulous legends and amazing stories about their origin.

Restaurants in Campeche will offer you unique dishes such as: jamon claveteado (clove ham), pan de cazon (fried tortilla with shred dogfish, tomato sauce and beans), queso relleno (stuffed Gouda cheese), pampano en salsa verde (pompano in green sauce) and of course, we have to mention the dishes prepared with sea fruits like seafood cocktails, pickled fish, shrimps in the coconut style and fish croquettes among many others.


Restaurants in Campeche

This restaurant is located right in front of the Historic Center. Its traditional atmosphere and the varied menu make it the perfect place to dine. Come and enjoy a friendly and warm service.

Casa Vieja de los Arcos

Restaurants in Campeche

This is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, housed in a building with colonial arches. It offers excellent Mexican cuisine and has a wonderful view of the cathedral and plaza. The decor pays tribute to its name, using antiques and Mexican handicrafts. At night, the illumination is dim so you can really appreciate the cathedral in all its illuminated glory.


Lugares donde comer en Campeche

Chac-Pel has experience in dealing with fresh seafood, offering a menu that is as exquisite as it is varied. To add to this is the typical service and attention of the locals. It is, without a doubt, an excellent place to start enjoying Campeche, its cuisine and its people.


Lugares donde comer en Campeche

The best fish and seafood dishes are found in Marganzo Restaurant. Come and enjoy our excellent service, relaxing and casual ambience as well as an extensive menu full of sea specialties. Our carefully cooked dishes will enchant your senses and will invite you to visit us over and over. Marganzo opens every day from early in the morning allowing you to take delight in our savory breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Restaurants in Campeche

Looking for a casual place to spend a fun evening with your friends while listening to the best music? If so, Mediterraneo is your best choice. Mediterraneo is located on the promenade, giving you a gorgeous view of the ocean you can enjoy while dining.

La Parroquia

Lugares para comer en Campeche

Campeche restaurants offer several exquisite smells to delight your senses in a unique way; La Parroquia is not an exception. You will find the most delightful and traditional cuisine that includes meats, pork in the tomato style, fish dumplings and tamales. Come and enjoy our specialties as well as our famous appetizers typical from Campeche. You will feel welcome thanks to our warm and kind treat. La Parroquia is waiting for you any day of the week and 24 hours a day.

La Pigua

Dining in Campeche La Pigua is definitely an advisable choice for dining in Campeche. At this place you can enjoy a very pleasant ambiance and a high quality service as you taste a great variety of seafood and fish as well as specialties such as: crab pincers, shrimps in the coconut style, pan de cazon, different types of cocktails and many other tasty regional dishes. Besides, the restaurant features a small museum that serves as a private area for up to 12 people, where you can take delight in an exquisite dinner at a very exclusive atmosphere. Previous reservation required.

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