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Welcome Barranquilla,Colombia

One of the best options for an unforgettable vacation in Colombia surrounded by culture, deeply rooted traditions and m STILL multiple and colorful attractions, is the din & aacute; mica Barranquilla. This beautiful city is the capital of the Colombian department of Atl & aacute;. Ntico, which confronts the deep Caribbean Sea free


It is known as & quot; Curramba Beauty & quot;, whose meaning highlights the festive atmosphere and the c & aacute; attention lida & oacute; ny hospitality offered by the people of this beautiful city carnival. Tambi & eacute; n is called & quot, & quot The Sandy & oacute;, which was utilized; in his or RIVER genes for their m STILL multiple spaces loamy sand.

Description & oacute;n

     Welcome to Barranquilla,Colombia     

Barranquilla is a significant n STILL commercial, industrial, cultural and academic core of the Regi & oacute; n Caribbean Colombia. It is located north of the pa RIVER s, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and m & aacute; margins of RIVER or Maddalena. Leeds has one of the m & aacute; s prominent and important ports sea RIVER. Scams and river assets Colombia known as the Golden Gate, because of its interesting history and business since the mid-nineteenth century

Welcome to Barranquilla, Colombia     

It is a beautiful city which houses important buildings and is home to one of the folcl & oacute festivities; rich and cultural m & aacute; s important and recognized in Colombia: the Carnival of Barranquilla, which was declared a World Heritage Naci OVERHAUL & n by Congress of Colombia in 2001 and also & eacute; n Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in a TODDLER 2003


Barranquilla Tourism

Welcome to Barranquilla,Colombia     

In the wonderful city of Barranquilla is recorded throughout the year TODDLER an important mobilization OVERHAUL & n of tourism, both as a business and commercial holiday. This occurs primarily during the & eacute; few carnivals and end to TODDLER when Barranquilla hospitably received a large influx of visitors


The tur RIVER infrastructure guitar is varied and hotels in Barranquilla welcome all visitors. This large Colombian city offers a range of possibilities as regards inns, residences and hotels of high category & RAY recognized brands, many of which are located within walking distance to various business areas, n STILL commercial cores and important convention centers.



   Welcome to Barranquilla,Colombia   

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Barranquilla began & oacute; acquire the importance strat & eacute; cal and econom mica having up to these d RIVER as. From the navigation OVERHAUL & R na steam RIVER Magdalena possible, Barranquilla was becoming the main export port of pa RIVER s until the first half of the twentieth century

Welcome to Barranquilla,Colombia   

On the strat & eacute; logic locati oacute; Geographical & aacute; fica, from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, Barranquilla was the main m & aacute; s important entry point to Colombia both of thousands of immigrants, as of technological advances & oacute; cal the & eacute; little like aviation OVERHAUL & n, radio and tel & eacute; phono, as RIVER as also & eacute; n was the cradle of development of various sports. All this was combined & oacute; together to make Barranquilla a rich native culture full of traditions that today, surprise each visitor arriving to this great Colombian city.   

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