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Highlights of Acapulco

Acapulco is an excellent beach destination, where you can enjoy sun, sand and sea. The beaches are ideal for any aquatic sport you can imagine or for resting your body, working on the perfect tan.

But apart from the beaches and the warm sun, there are also a diverse number of options for those who wish to see another side of Acapulco. The city is exciting, with many centuries of history and culture to be discovered and is a living witness of the times of the conquest, the independence and the arrival of modernity.

The Beaches

Beaches in AcapulcoCaleta and Caletilla Beaches are age-old Acapulco favorites and was famous among jet setters of the 50s and 60s. These beaches are protected naturally by Roqueta Island, which allows you to enjoy gentle waves, ideal for the youngest members of the family.

Located at the center of the bay in Acapulco's Golden Zone, Condesa Beach is known for its great tourist and commercial activity. Waves at this beach can get to be a decent size and are ideal for those wanting to ride the waves on a boogie board. Its festive atmosphere is amazing, due to the fact that along this beach there are several restaurants and bars which serve the public from early afternoon.

On the road to the airport, driving some 27 kilometers, you'll reach Barra Vieja. It's an open sea beach, popular among Acapulco residents and visitors who enjoy eating the famous "a la talla" fish and like to ride horses along the beach to take in a breathtaking view.

Attractions in AcapulcoPie de la Cuesta is internationally famous for having the most spectacular sunsets, while Puerto Marques is an extensive bay surrounded by mountains, covered with tropical vegetation and dotted with beautiful beaches with gentle ocean waves. Punta Diamante is part of Acapulco's new "Grand Tourism" concept and it is made up of a series of beautiful big wave beaches facing the open sea. Revolcadero Beach is just beyond Puerto Marques and faces the Pacific Ocean directly, with a strong undertow so swim with caution.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude

CathedralLocated in the Zocalo and constructed in 1930, the Cathedral is adorned with a dome in the style of mosques and Byzantine towers while the interior of the Cathedral is very simple. The Virgin of Solitude is the patron saint of Acapulco and dates back to when King Philip II sent the icon of the Virgin, which was later crowned by locals and adopted as part of the banner of Independence.

Cici Aacapulco Magico

CiciCici Acapulco Magico is a modern water park that is ideal for the whole family. It offers fun under strictly regulated safety guidelines. Have a good time and live the most exciting experience of your life with toboggans, pools, a dolphin show and food courts, where you can recharge and enjoy.

San Diego Fort

The old San Diego Fort, with its singular pentagon shape, has been always an essential part of Acapulco's architecture. Today, this recently restored monument houses the new History Museum. This fortress has been witness to many of the events of Acapulco's past: the South Seas conquest, the commerce with Asia, the pirates of the Pacific, the exploits of Morelos, and other interesting historical facts of the area.

The history behind this fort would not be complete without the famous Nao de la China, the trading barge that created a Silk Road by sea, crossing the Pacific, landing in Acapulco, to Veracruz and then over to Spain. If you want to know more about this folkloric city, this museum is a must-see.


GolfAcapulco has four spectacular 18-hole golf courses, located in prestigious hotels and residential areas, such as Tres Vidas, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess, the Fairmont Pierre Marques and the Vidafel Mayan Palace. Each offers the latest in diversity, challenge, as well as special characteristics. The Acapulco Golf Club offers a nine-hole course, located next to the Convention Center.

The House of Masks

House of MasksLocated only a block from the Fort of San Diego, on the Cultural Corridor, the House of Masks offers the opportunity to discover this unique artistic expression. Through these multicolored masks, Guerrero´s artisans take us on a fantastic trip through their religion and culture. In some towns of Guerrero, the mask is closely linked to their dances and traditions and is considered one of popular art's richest form of artistic expression in the state.

Papagayo Park

Papagayo Park is a natural, protected area of over 200,000 square meters that offers the opportunity of becoming familiar with various types of animals and birds that migrate from the northern part of the continent. Its biodiversity and its facilities combine to allow for sports, recreational and cultural activities, and it is an ideal place for children to enjoy an outing with their families. It has a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, restaurants, an auditorium, a library, swimming pools, three lakes, a skating rink, a bike path and fairground rides.

Acapulco's International Center

Convention Center in Acapulco

This business and convention center, located in the heart of Acapulco's hotel zone, can accommodate up to 15,000 people at any given time. One of its most famous halls is Salon Teotihuacan, which features 6,320 square meters of space, free of columns and with a 12-meter-high ceiling. Acapulco's International Center is the official headquarters of various events known throughout the world, such as the yearly tourism fair (Tianguis Turistico), the Acapulco Fest, and various film festivals, among other important events.

Handicraft Market

Handicrafts MarketThere are a variety of stands displaying and selling arts and crafts from all over the state of Guerrero. Here you can find all your souvenirs.

La Quebrada

Attractions in Acapulco

Acapulco's world-famous divers of La Quebrada soar from 136-foot rocky cliffs into the surf below and have become an enduring symbol of the city. These fearless divers plummet into a narrow inlet where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks. The timing of their dives is crucial and must be perfectly executed and it is a feat that has become one of Acapulco's main attractions.


FishingIn Acapulco, going fishing is an unforgettable experience. A short distance from the bay, you can find an abundance of species, among which you can find good sized sail fish, as well as a diverse number of species such as dorado, snapper, marlin, shark, etc. Your award can be a thumbs up from the local fishermen who will surely applaud your good work. In the marina and yacht club, organize boat or yacht trips to navigate the high seas and search for your own prized treasure.


These popular horse-drawn carriages are decorated with multicolored balloons and trot up and down the Costera Miguel Aleman, the main avenue in Acapulco. They go from the roundabout to La Diana in the Papagayo Park. On this unique ride, enjoy the view of the city and the hotels. At night, get into the party ambiance of the city. In the streets, the main restaurants, bars and nightclubs illuminate their billboards, making a ride down the strip a very singular experience.

Coyuca Lagoon

Coyuca Lagoon in Acapulco

Sailing through the jungle landscape of this lagoon, you will discover several islands that you might have seen in the movies. There is Birds Island, the Island of the Man with Seven Wives, the channel where Rambo II was filmed and La Barra (where the Tarzan TV series was shot), a magical place where the lagoon, the ocean and the river meet.

Diego Rivera Mural

This mural is located in the Traditional area of Acapulco, in the home of the late Dolores Olmedo, art collector who possessed the largest collection of Diego Rivera paintings in the world and was a long-time friend of Rivera's. She was also the woman that Diego Rivera asked to marry after the death of his wife, the controversial painter Frida Kahlo. Between 1956 and 1957, Rivera lived in Acapulco while recovering from cancer and it was then that he created the works found here. This house represents Mexican cultural heritage and is a living witness to the art of Diego Rivera in Acapulco. If you have time, stop by this house to appreciate the mural located on the outside wall titled ''Exekatlkalli'', a sculpture-painting where the gods Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, of the Aztec culture, can be appreciated.

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