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Much more than the name of a beach resort, Acapulco is a world renowned synonym for relaxation and fun. Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, its perfect year-round tropical climate makes it the perfect place for all kinds of day and night time activities.

The exotic mix of golden beaches, Sierra Madre Mountains, tropical jungles and lagoons, along with Mexican warmth, mysticism and tradition are perfectly combined for a very unique experience. It is a sight not to be missed.


Beaches in AcapulcoAcapulco is a beach paradise that provides a variety of activities such as tennis, golf, bowling, beach volleyball, soccer, squash and racquetball courts, scuba diving, sailing, deep sea fishing, wind surfing and jet skiing. Spectator sports include bullfighting, diving, boxing and wrestling. Important golf and tennis tournaments are held in Acapulco every year, as well as triathlons and other athletic competitions.

Acapulco sizzles by night, and its nightlife is legendary. There is no place in the world that can compete with Acapulco's dazzling and sophisticated night clubs and the choice of entertainment and restaurants. Magic in the air when you take in a view of Acapulco Bay, with its millions of lights reflecting in the water like stars. It is absolutely breathtaking and probably one of the most romantic scenarios in the world.

The real heartbeat of Acapulco is also the main street, Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, known locally as just "The Costera". If you are going almost anywhere in your next Acapulco vacations (beaches, shopping, dining or drinking) you will most likely travel down the Costera. Most of Acapulco's major attractions are either on or very close to this busy street. The action along the Costera is varied and constant, making many sections of this strip a perfect spot to have lunch or dinner and to do some serious people watching.

The zocalo or town square is a peaceful area, shaded by giant rubber and mango trees, near the hectic center of Acapulco. The zocalo is lined with ice cream stands and sidewalk cafes. Here you can mingle with the locals as they go about their everyday business, a lifestyle that hasn't changed much in years. On one end of the zocalo is the Cathedral, which was built in 1930 for a movie set. When the film crews moved out, they left the building, which was later adapted to its present state.

Beaches in AcapulcoAcapulco is also a vibrant city with many centuries of history and culture to be explored. It has been witness to the Mexico of pre-Columbian times, the Conquest, the Independence, and Modern times. Acapulco's history even has its share of pirate stories to boot. For those stories, go to the Fuerte de San Diego, several blocks south of the zocalo. It's a fort that was built in the 18th century to protect the city against pirate attacks. The building is very well preserved and houses a museum with some interesting displays pertaining to Mexico's history.

Acapulco for Kids

Acapulco for Kids

Acapulco is a great vacation destination if bring children along. CiCi, located on the Costera, at Playa Icacos, and it's a water park that features slides, toboggans, dolphin encounters, seal shows, a wave pool and the Sky Coaster, a thrilling ride that will leave everyone screaming. Mundo Marino is an aquarium and fun center featuring indoor and outdoor marine exhibits, water slides, water sports, restaurants and gift shops. Parque Papagayo is a huge park located on the Costera, the park is filled with carnival rides, go-karts, roller rinks, skateboard courses and many other attractions.

Your children will love their next Acapulco vacation. The two major malls both have fun areas, such a video game rooms so that parents can shop while the kids can have a good time.


Beaches in AcapulcoAcapulco is a city that gives you many choices when it comes to beaches. During the day, it's all about the beach; at night, it's all about the parties. Come and check out the many beachfront restaurants, where they put out umbrellas, chairs and tables in the sand so you can enjoy your food or drink right at water's edge.

Welcome to AcapulcoPlaya Diamante and Playa Revolcadero, south of town near the airport, are areas of major development. Four of Acapulco's golf courses are located in this area, along with some major resorts. Water sports of all kinds, rentals of wave runners and ultra light airplanes as well as horseback riding are available here. This long stretch is a big wave beach so be careful if you are not an expert swimmer. It's a great area for surfing or for beachcombing and collecting a few shells.

Playa Puerto Marques is part a fairly large bay that is a favorite with locals. The entire beach is lined with tin-roofed restaurants serving up fresh seafood, cold beer and tropical drinks at prices that are usually below those of Acapulco proper. This beach is busy every day and is very crowded on weekends.

Playa Icacos is a calm beach, towards the southern end of the bay, lined withhigh-rise hotels and condominiums. This beach has all of the local watersports available directly on shore. You can not miss Playa Icacos on your next Acapulco vacations.

Playa Condesa, in the heart of The Golden Zone, is one of the most popular of the city beaches, with many beachfront restaurants and a lot of activity. If you're tired of the beach scene, the evenings offer great times near a lot of great restaurants and shopping centers. If all that is too tame for you, Playa Condesa also offers bungee jumping for that thrill-seeker in you.
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